OnePlus One starts shipping today

Perhaps we were too quick to jump the gun on OnePlus' explained delay. Just a day after Cyanogen's ciwrl divulged the reason for the delay, OnePlus has now given the green light for shipping the first batch of OnePus One smartphone to the by now super eager and excited exclusive recipients.

Moto X custom order shipping slips to 8 days

When Google and Motorola announced the new Moto X smartphone and all the custom features many were extremely excited. Being able to customize a smartphone, have it built in the USA (Murica) and delivered to your door all in 4 days was their promise. Last week we confirmed the shipping times might be slightly delayed, due to demand, but will get to that 4-day mark soon.

Customized Moto X ship times “may vary” due to high demand

Today is Motorola day with the custom Moto X Maker website and the official launch of their new smartphone. It's readily available in AT&T stores nationwide, and you can snag one as we speak or head to their site and customize your own. Originally Motorola promised 4 day waits for the custom version, but last night a blog post might be warning of a delay, already.

Chromecast availability on Google Play returns, shipping in 2 weeks

When Google first announced their new Chromecast media streaming device about a month ago, they apparently didn't expect the device to be in such demand. After selling out almost instantly and being wiped from Best Buy shelves in a matter of hours, the device has been hard to find. However, this afternoon the Play Store stock and availability appears to be stabilizing.

Motorola DROID Ultra and MAXX shipping now, could arrive before the 20th

The impressive new Motorola DROID ULTRA and MAXX appear to be shipping already. When Moto announced pre-orders late last month alongside the August 20th release date we knew when it would arrive all along, unlike the HTC One, and now we're hearing they're shipping early. After ship dates slipped due to overwhelming demand, it appears a few of you could get the device as soon as tomorrow.

Blu Dash 4.5 quad-core unlocked handset begins shipping today

BLU has announced the availability of its Blu Dash 4.5 handset, which is being offered unlocked as a budget handset for $139 USD. Despite the price, the device packs decent specs, including a MediaTek MT6589M 1.2GHz quad-core processor and support for 4G LTE networks. The Blu Dash is being sold online through "several" retailers in the US.

Google expands Play Store shipping options

Google was expected to bring some additional shipping options to the Play Store and as of today, it looks like they have come available for new purchases. All together there are three options available for shipping, however not every item will be eligible for every shipping option. Any and all eligible shipping options will be presented during the checkout process.
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