Sergey Brin

Project Glass gets closer to reality, Google welcomes “Glass Explorers”

Google's Project Glass is still a long, long ways from reaching my hands and face sadly. Today however we are now one step closer to getting to try out, enjoy, and possibly learn more about Google Glass. You should all know plenty about Google's futuristic Augmented Reality eye-wear already, but hopefully we'll be learning more soon. Sergey Brin himself sent out info on Glass, and we have the details.

Project Glass spotted on Google’s Sergey Brin

What's the point of bein the co-founder of one of the biggest technology companies in the world if you can't try out the latest and greatest toys? Such is the case with Sergey Brin, the Russian-American engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded Google with its current CEO, Larry Page. Brin was spotted rocking what appears to be a working model of Project Glass, Google's ambitious wearable augmented reality display. Two photos of Brin and the "real" Project Glass were snapped by photographer Thomas Hawk.