Variable’s NODE modular sensor gets Android compatibility

The Variable NODE modular sensor was a kickstarter back in 2012 that eventually was fully funded and became a real product. Fast forward just about a year and today the company has announced their first Android compatible NODE sensor, and it's available now for just $149. What is a NODE? More details can be found below.

Air Swiper app lets you control your device with a wave

Touchless control seems to be a fad these days, with both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the newly announced Motorola Moto X supporting some form of air gestures to access some functionality on the device. Whether it's to avoid greasy smudges or to have some stylish way of dismissing calls and messages, fans of the gesture-based system need not pine for new phones just to get this feature.

GolfSense supports Android and will help you improve your golf game

I don't have a golfing bone in my body, I can't even play putt putt golf. If you are an avid golfer and Android user, a device called GolfSense is available to support your Android smartphone or other device to help you improve your golf game. The device is a sensor that you wear on your glove that sends data about your golf swing to your smartphone.

Google Nexus 7 features smart cover magnetic sensor

I guess there are a few features we didn't know of when it came to Google's brand new Nexus 7 tablet. It appears that there are still a few mysteries surrounding the device. No we aren't talking about the release date either, this is about smart covers. It seems that Google's added a magnetic sensor on the bottom left side of the tablet that smart covers can take advantage of. Check out the video after the break.