Confide app for Android now available, ready to make docs disappear

There are many apps and tools available for Android and other mobile platforms that businessmen and professionals find very useful for work. One of the more reliable apps today is Confide because it allows people to be worry-free while using the tool to record important business transactions. The development team promises end-to-end encryption of documents, messages, text, and photos from sending to viewing to sharing.

Verizon now allows users to opt-out of Supercookies, online activity tracking

Verizon has been offering new data plan options and deals for all subscribers. The carrier has also been releasing new mobile devices and early software updates for Verizon variants. However, the company has been receiving several complaints and criticisms from privacy advocates about some of their regulations which caused Verizon to revise its mobile ad-targeting program. Apparently, the network is believed to be tracking users for ad-targeting purposes.

LG G3 discovered to have hidden App Ops feature

Remember App Ops? Maybe not, especially after the heyday of Android Lollipop. It popped up, accidentally according to Google, around Android 4.3 as a way to let users make fine-grained changes to each app's permissions, without requiring root. Google eventually closed off access to App Ops in subsequent updates and we've never heard from it since. Until now. Apparently, LG has the same functionality hidden in the G3, which some have now been able to access, much to the rejoicing of power users.

Smart Unlock skips lock security in safe and trusted areas

Phone lock features are quite useful but unlocking can be a hassle at times. Frequent entering the passcode, pattern, slide, pin, or fingerprint or facial recognition can take a while. Why can't the phone just ask for the unlock code when it's not within a known territory? That's what the Smart Unlock app does. It offers a hassle-free mobile use at places that are safe and secure. When connected to a trusted device or known network, the phone will no longer ask for the pin. It eliminates one step to accessing your phone or tablet because you can directly go to homepage.

SplashData outs Worst Passwords of 2014 list, 123456 still on top

SplashData recently released its Worst Passwords of 2014 list. This includes the most common passwords used by people on the Internet. By that we mean the passwords that you shouldn't be using at all because if you use them, there is a big chance of your identities being stolen or being hacked. More than 3.3 million passwords that were leaked last 2014 were compiled and analyzed. Of the millions of passwords, "123456" and "password" are the top two most commonly used.

UK PM vows to ban messaging apps that won’t allow backdor acceess

In a move that might get him to lose more votes, particularly from the liberal sector, UK Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to mete sanctions on software developers that would not allow backdoor access when the government requests it. That is if he wins the national elections set this May. He is the most vocal among the Western governments that are going for an anti-encryption propaganda.

SnoopSnitch for Android detects possible smartphone data theft

Security Research Labs (SRLabs) is a German outfit that has released an interesting security app called SnoopSnitch – the app basically alerts users if someone is trying to spy on their mobile phone. The app can detect if someone is using International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers – along with other Android vulnerabilities – to spy on a device.

Coolpad has a backdoor in Android devices, says Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks has got some not so good news for us: Coolpad has been found to have a backdoor in millions of Android devices sold by the company. The China-based smartphone manufacturer has what they call the CoolReaper, a backdoor that exposes device users to potential malicious activities. According to the the security firm, it appears that Coolpad installed the backdoor and is currently maintaing it despite the customer's objections.

Train to be a “security expert” with new Cryptoy app

If you're the type of person that is fascinated by spies, covert operations, coded messages and the likes, you might want to consider going into the cybersecurity or even just security industry. And to train yourself for such a career, maybe you'd need an app for that. Cryptoy is one such app, teaching you the ways of encryption and decoding secret messages.

Cerberus 3.0 anti theft app updated with Material Design

Android users wanting an app to help them protect their device from theft have a newly updated option called Cerberus 3.0. Cerberus has been around for a while and is an app that helps you find your lost or stolen Android device. The app is available as a free trial for a week.
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