App in Google Play Store carries Certifi-gate vulnerability

We still haven’t fully recovered from the fright that Stagefright has given us, when news of another vulnerability called Certifi-gate was revealed by CheckPoint three weeks ago. Now, apparently an app (which of course has since then been shut down) was able to bypass Google’s security measures and got published on the Google Play Store, containing this infection. Recordable Activator is the app, and it apparently was able to use a plugin from TeamViewer that’s why it was able to get past Google.

Grad student analyzed Android Lock Patterns, presented predictability

Even if mobile security is improved and is actually better now compared to the last decade, password leaks and privacy issues will always be a problem. It might take us days to feature the biggest leaks to date but we're not gonna do that. What we promise to do is tell you how to safely manage passwords or at least teach you how to be safe from ruining your lives from prying eyes.

“Highly secure” Blackphone 2 coming this September

If security and privacy is a major thing for you, whether it’s for work reasons or for personal reasons (hey, no judgement here), then you’re probably familiar with Silent Circle and its line of apps like Silent Text and Silent Phone. You of course know then that they released their first smartphone, the Blackphone, last year. Now, the newer version, the Blackphone 2 is set to arrive in the market this September, after being launched at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

Intel working on ID bracelet for security and authentication

Intel isn't just about chips and processors. At the Intel Developer Forum, the company showed off a new prototype identification bracelet that could be a game-changer when it comes to password management. It's a band that can easily be worn on the wrist. It was showcased on stage working with a computer running the newest Windows 10.

Motorola working on security patch for StageFright issue

Google was humble enough to admit that there is indeed the StageFright issue. If you haven't heard about it, StageFright is also known as an MMS messaging issue as it happens when a malicious code is triggered by an MMS, specifically those containing videos. Any malware can be inserted in the video which could then be able to access the device even before a video is viewed or played on the phone.

LG to roll out monthly security updates for Stagefright vulnerability

That Android Stagefright security vulnerability definitely got Android users worried about their devices. Who wouldn't since it's already a big issue that even made Samsung implement new security update process while Google's very own Android team immediately released a security update for Stagefright. After Google admitted that there is indeed a security issue, some of the biggest Android makers  have started to take action by announcing they will be releasing regular security updates.

Android devices are easy targets for hacking fingerprints

If you think fingerprint scanners or sensors are more secure, you may be wrong. Some hackers believe that there are several ways to hack those fingerprints according to a new research presented recently at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang, researchers at FireEye said there are new ways to hack Android devices and get the fingerprints.
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