Google Trends now delivering to your inbox

Google Trends already provided a useful way of keeping up with what is hot at any given time. Trends offers details on current topics, as well as what had been hot at any given time dating back to 2004. And as of today you can now have those reports delivered directly to your inbox.

Bing Rewards arrive for Android users

Bing Rewards has gone mobile. The search-based reward program has come available for Android users, as well as for iOS users. We tend to focus on the Android side here, but in this case it was hard to notice the Windows Phone support is still listed as "coming soon." Putting the platform availability to the side, Bing Rewards will let Android users search and earn, and also take advantage of offers from their smartphone or tablet.

Google Zeitgeist 2013 offers a look back at the year in search

Similar to what we saw from Google last year, and in years prior, the 2013 Google Zeitgeist has been released. For those not familiar with the Zeitgeist, this is essentially a look back at the year in search. Google notes how this is a chance for them to "reflect on people, places, and moments that captured the world's attention throughout the year." And as it takes a look back at everything, this is a mix of the good and bad that happened throughout the year.

Google voice search gets an updated demo video

Google voice search is not a new feature, however it is a feature that seems to be constantly evolving. As such, it is one that should be revisited from time to time. To that point, a new video has recently appeared on YouTube offering a look at what can be done using voice search at this time. The video measures in at slightly longer than 10 minutes in length, but does manage to demo 35 available voice search options.

Google Search “My Answers” update brings flights, reservations and more

Google has detailed the latest search related update. This one deals with the "My Answers" portion of search and basically means you will be able to ask questions about additional topics. Some of these will likely be familiar to Google Now users, but with that in mind, moving forward My Answers will be able to support flight, reservation, purchase, plan and image related questions.

Google Shopper app closing on August 30

The Google Shopper app for Android hasn't received much attention lately. According to the Play Store listing the last update was back in May. And even with that, the update only consisted of some unspecified UI enhancements and performance improvements. That being said, it looks like that may end up being the last update.
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