Android Studio 1.3 released with improved testing, C++ debugging support

As an ordinary Android user or gamer, you may not care about how developers and Google work together. The Android community is one big family that comes together with one aim: to safeguard and optimize the platform. We all know Google has quite a number of continuing efforts to secure and improve on Android. But because there just too many really smart people out there--some geniuses and geeks are still able to hack into Android, devices, and apps. With Android Studio, the Internet giant hopes to provide an integrated development environment (IDE) as they develop on the platform.

Android M Developer Preview updated, platform permissions modified

Not much has been said about the upcoming Android M to be released this fall but I'm sure you've been guessing and betting on what the 'M' could possibly stand for. Muffin? Merengue? Milk Shake? I'm going for Android Muffin because it's much easier to remember and illustrate. But let's not waste our time thinking about the next dessert Google will be serving us. Developers who recently got to experience the Android M Developer Preview will be happy to know that an update has been released.

Samsung Gear SDK released for download, be ready to use a rotating bezel

Samsung is rumored to release their first round-face smartwatch but we don't know when exactly. It's not really a mystery since hints of a round-shaped user interface is already on the Samsung Gear page for developers. Actually, we saw some clues about an upcoming smartwatch with rotating bezel from Samsung as early as November last year. Samsung is not really new in the smartwatch game but the company has been releasing box-shaped Galaxy Gear models since it first joined the wearable industry.

Samsung SDK for the possibly round next-gen Gear ready for devs

The latest Android Wear platform is almost ready to roll out on some of the newest smartwatch models in the market today and Samsung would like to join in the fun by sending out invites to some developers to try out the Software Development Kit (SDK) of the next generation Galaxy Gear--which could be round this time based on the images on the invitation. There's no mention though if this is official for Android Wear or for Samsung's very own Tizen. And oh, this is the first SDK for the Galaxy Gear line.

Qualcomm’s Vuforia SDK beta lets you developer for VR gear

Virtual Reality headsets and eyewear are getting more and more accessible, but it seems that the hardware is outpacing the development of apps and content that would actually make these devices more than just heavy accessories. Each device espouses their own (or someone else's) platform and therein lies part of the problem. Qualcomm, who doesn't have a VR headset of its own but powers some of these, is trying to create a bridge to all these estranged lands. And that bridge is almost here with the beta release of the Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear.

MediaTek Labs debuts with LinkIt platform in tow

MediaTek has announced that it has launched a new global initiative to allow developers of varying skill levels to create Internet of Things devices and wearables. The new global initiative is called MediaTek Labs and the program will provide developers with SDKs, HDKs, and technical documents along with support.

HTC One (M8) Dual Lens SDK released for developers

HTC has released an SDK allowing developers to take advantage of the Duo Camera. The SDK is already available by way of the HTC Dev site and means developers will be able to "tap into the power of the Duo Camera" on the One (M8). This is the HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview, which includes two APIs.

Samsung released Tizen SDK for wearables

Samsung has released the SDK for their Tizen-based wearables. Their newest crop of wearables all use Tizen (kind of), Samsung’s proprietary OS, which may just be limited to their wearables ambitions. It’s an interesting move for Samsung, as they didn’t release an SDK for previous wearables, but a smart decision when considering current and potential competition.
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