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TYLT ALIN Galaxy S5 screen protector, hands-on

If you’re looking for a screen protector for your Galaxy S5, there are a lot of options out there. While most will do an adequate job, there are those which offer a touch better protection than others. In addition to being one of the better screen protectors we’ve tested, the ALIN kit from TYLT has a really interesting way of applying their product.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 scratch test has Brando getting out the Drill

Each time a new flagship device hits the streets we get all types of different coverage. Aside from all the reviews, benchmarks, and camera samples there's those screen scratch tests, drop tests, and even the notorious "will it blend" tests. Today the hardened screen protector company Brando is showing off their GALAXY S 4 tempered glass handling the toughest of tests.

HTC One screen protection by way of Spigen SGP’s Steinheil

When it comes to device protection we basically have two sides, those who go all out and those who prefer to stick with the bare phone and hope for the best. Speaking personally, I have been on both sides, but I have also been on the side of scratching my display and since then -- I come to realize that spending a few bucks to protect a few hundred dollar smartphone sounds like a good idea.

HTC One cases coming soon from OtterBox

This week HTC finally took the wrapping paper off their new flagship smartphone the HTC One. While the event was full of excitement and their awesome new smartphone, as well as accessory cases, a few companies have already detailed their plans too. The popular and durable OtterBox brand will be supporting the new HTC One right out of the gate with their most popular case versions.

Rhino Shield is an impact resistant screen protector

A new kickstarter promises a screen protector that will protect your smartphone or tablet from having its screen cracked. Whether you drop your device, or smash it with a hammer, the new Rhino Shield will keep your screen from shattering. The developers of Rhino Shield promises their product will offer your phone more protection than Gorilla Glass, which many of us know isn't shatter-proof. The Rhino Shield is a polymer that has extreme impact absorption while boasting excellent transparency. There are a total of 6 layers to the screen protector. There is an oil repelling layer, scratch-resistance layer, impact dispersion layer, impact damping layer, high strength layer, and an adhesive layer. The shock-absorbing and impact layers will protect your device from various instances, such as when you drop your phone... or throw it against a wall out of anger. The scratch-resistant layer will help protect your device from accidental scratches, whether they come from your keys or from the claws of your pets. The Rhino Shield does look like an all-in-one screen protector. It protects your phone from all the great dangers a mobile device can encounter, and also provides the basic qualities of a screen-protector, like fingerprint resistance. It's probably a God send for those of you who seem to possess butter fingers. The Rhino Shield group hopes to raise £50,000 by March 13th. So far it has reached nearly £2,500. If you pledge £12 (or around $16), you can get a Rhino Shield for a variety of popular devices including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, HTC DROID DNA, and more. The pledge prices increase depending on the size of device you want to protect. If this at all interests you, check the Rhino Shield out. [timeline] [via Kickstarter]

Samsung Galaxy Note II gets a wide range of accessories at IFA

Samsung got a lot of attention when it pulled the veil off the Galaxy Note II at IFA 2012, but now it's time to talk accessories. Just like the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note II is getting a whole line of accessories to make your device standout from the crowd, keep it protected, and make it easier to use. Our pals at SlashGear were able to snap a few pictures of the Galaxy Note II accessories display at IFA, and it's pretty safe to say that there will be no lack of options.

DynaFlo LIQUID-ARMOR nano technology screen protection available now

If you're the type that likes to protect your investment when it comes to your smartphone or tablet we have something just for you. Surely many of you all use screen protectors, but I'm personally not a fan. There are tons of products out there, but DynaFlo has something that is completely invisible. This isn't your regular screen protector film.

Spigen GLAS.t screen protector adds a second layer of glass for Galaxy Note [Review]

Cases and screen protectors come by the handfuls for smartphone but today we some new and unique screen protectors and cases from the company Spigen. No longer do you need to rely on a cheap thin screen protector. With Spigen you cover that large and precious smartphone screen with the next best thing -- another layer of hardened tempered glass. Below you'll see our hands-on video, thoughts, and installation on the GLAS.t screen protector for the Galaxy Note.