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TeleNav announces web-based HTML 5 navigation service

Today the popular location-based service provider TeleNav has announced an HTML 5 browser-based navigation service for mobile devices. They've been a popular and widely used 3rd party navigation tool on Android for a long time and now their entire suite of location-based services are about to get even better, and easier to access.

How to Take a Screen Shot on your Galaxy Tab

So you're just clickin around on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, thinking about how awesome it would be to go for a hike up in the mountains when BAM! You see something amazing on the screen and you panic! You don't know how to take a screenshot! Well check it out: all you've got to do is hold the back button and press the power button. If you do it right, you'll hear and shutter "click." Then it gets really fun.

Garminfone First Commercial – Video

Due to the recent launch of more powerful Android devices, the Garminfone may have fallen off the radar before it was even launched. T-Mobile is looking to big this device back into the forefront with this new commercial. If you’re a fan of Garmin GPS systems, this phone is capable of replacing it while you giving you the added bonus of being a phone.