US carriers band together to end premium SMS reign of scams

Some major US carriers, which include AT&T and T-Mobile, today announced their commitment to stop scammers in their tracks who utilize their networks' premium SMS services for less than honorable purposes. Though it will take some time to fully implement, this is the first step in ending scams that have robbed customers of varying amounts of money in the past years, some reaching even $10 a month.

Fake Rovio apps show up in the Android Market, already removed

Android Community readers are sophisticated, intelligent technology aficionados who would never be taken in by crude attempts at subterfuge. Even the ones who leave those less-than-intelligible responses in the comments section (you don't know who you are). That said, if you should happen to, you know, know anyone who might be likely to purchase Angry Birds in the next few weeks, make sure and be extra cautious. I mean, tell them to be extra cautious. According to TechCrunch, there are unscrupulous people selling fake Rovio apps in the Android Market and refusing to refund the purchase price.