Sat-Fi brings connectivity even to most remote areas

Unless you meant to go to the farthest area of the earth to have a retreat, chances are, wherever you go, you’d want to always be connected. But not all places in the world are equipped with a strong 3G or LTE signal. That’s where this newest gizmo called Sat-Fi comes in, as it says it can connect your device to both cellular and web data wherever you are in the world.

Small British nano satellites use Kinect and Google Nexus smartphone

A British satellite company called Surrey Satellite Technology is working on a nano satellite that uses off-the-shelf consumer technology to save money. Traditional satellites can cost millions of pounds apiece to build whereas Surrey says that its nano satellites can be built for hundreds of thousands of pounds each. That is a massive savings and to reach that low-cost not only of the satellites small, but they use your average consumer technology.