Santa Tracker

Google 2013 holiday roundup: Santa tracking, voicemails and AutoAwesome

Google offered up a few holiday themed goodies this year, and what better day to round those up than Christmas Eve. The regular news is slow, you are likely getting ready to spend some time with loved ones, and well, some of these items may help to keep the younger ones amazed. Here we are looking at the AutoAwesome Snow and Year in Review video as well as the Santa Tracker app and getting a call from Santa.

Santa Tracker app hits the Play Store, now with Chromecast support

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Santa is coming. If you’re like us, there is a lot of anxiety in your home. We’re all in a reflective mood at Android Community, wondering if we really were good this year. Luckily, we can pass the time with Santa Tracker on our Android devices so we don’t worry ourselves into a fit of panic.

Send a call from Santa with Santa Tracker from Google

You know what cane great about December? Kids who celebrate the holidays are unendingly concerned about Santa. Is he watching? Is the elf on the shelf really telling Santa what we do? If your kids ever start cracking wise and call your bluff, have Santa send them a voicemail.

Google Santa Tracker app now available for Android

You can track Santa on the web using the handy Google Santa Tracker website, however we suspect some will be happy to learn that there is also an app available. The app is called Google Santa Tracker and can be found in the Google Play Store.