SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick makes transferring large files easier

Back in the day (and we mean like a year or two ago), when you needed to transfer large files, you’d just whip out a flash drive and stick it in your laptop or computer. But now, most of the large files are in your smartphones and tablets, and most likely, they don’t have USB ports for you to still transfer old-school. One of the solutions to do this is through wireless sticks and now we have the 2nd gen SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick to help us out.

MWC 2015: Android Community Top Picks

And so the Mobile World Congress 2015 comes to a close and now we're left to pick up the pieces of a whirlwind week. We've been bombarded by a lot of annoucements, new and old products, and promises, and now it's time to weed out the winners from the not so winners. Because everyone's a winner, right? But there are really quite a few that really piqued our interest and earned our applause. Here are some of the most noteworthy products to come out of MWC 2015.

SanDisk crams 200GB capacity into a microSD card

We remember the days when all we could get was a maximum of 128MB on a microSD card, and we wonder, where have those days gone? Now SanDisk, makers of these teeny-weeny microSD cards, have just announced at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona that they were able to stuff 200GB into a microSD card. What is the world coming to, really?

SanDisk Dual USB Drive 3.0: better, faster storage transfer

With the amount of music that we listen to, pictures and videos that we take, plus apps we install, the 16GB of internal memory on most of our Android phones is never enough. Even if you put a 64GB microSD, storage on our devices still sometimes becomes a problem. SanDisk has released a newer, updated version of its popular Dual USB Drive, version 3.0, to help you with transferring and storing files from your smartphone or tablet.

SanDisk unveils new microSD card for 4K video recording

SanDisk has rolled out a new memory card that it claims to be the world's fastest, high-capacity microSD UHS-I memory card. The tiny memory card is aimed at smartphones and other devices that are able to record 4K resolution video. Along with that microSD card, SanDisk has also rolled out similar speed SD cards with up to 512GB of storage.

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive review

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive has been announced this morning. Essentially, this is a flash drive with a microUSB port on one end, and a regular sized USB port on the other. The drive works in connection with the SanDisk Memory Zone app, and is touted as being "the easiest way to free up space on your phone or tablet." With that in mind, the folks at SanDisk sent a unit over in advance, which means we have already had a bit of hands-on time.

SanDisk Extreme Micro-SDXC launched as world’s fastest card for mobile

The folks from SanDisk have been leading the charge on removable storage and USB storage for a long, long time. Their Mobile Ultra and Extreme SD cards have always been among the quickest on the market, but this morning they just launched a new era in Micro-SD cards. Currently the Mobile ULTRA micro-SDXC is the fastest they offer, but their new Extreme will nearly double the performance.
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