Display Technology Shoot-Out: Galaxy Note 5

Last week's grand reveal of the new premium phone tablets from Samsung got us talking about them. The mere fact that the new devices are from Samsung, one of the top smartphones brands all over the world, is enough to convince us they are great. Since last week, we've learned more details about the two including their availability from mobile carriers, accessories, and its wireless charging technology. We did a hands-one feature already but we're still curious as to how the smartphones fare against the numerous competition.

Note 5 hands-on videos showcase the new S-Pen, sleek design, and advanced camera

After the Galaxy S6 edge+ hands-on videos, here are two videos published by Samsung to give us a preview of what the new Galaxy Note 5 can do. This mobile device has been built to help us do more, made possible by the newly redesigned S-Pen that can now be ejected from under the phone. It features a new Air Command feature on the interface allows you to add apps for easier and quicker access. You can even delete or reposition those apps to either left or right side of the screen.

Samsung’s Fast Charging Wireless Pad now available for pre-order

With the release of Samsung’s new phablets, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge Plus, we can also expect that fast on its heels would be charging accessories. And since one of the highlights of these new devices is their fast charging capability, the Korean OEM has announced their new Fast Charging Wireless Pad. And while it’s still not officially available in the market, you can now start pre-ordering it in preparation for your future new smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 undergoes a series of drop tests

Uh huh. We knew that someone would do a drop and stress test soon. The first one we've seen is by David Rahimi of PhoneBuff. It's not just like any drop test where a guy drops the test from different heights (or from a drone!) but using a professional drop test machine for more accuracy and consistency. Such tests are done to know how tough or durable a phone is and since the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is our favorite subject these days, we're interested to know how this phablet will fare.

“Almost live quality” sounds come with Samsung Level On Wireless Pro 

We usually expect Samsung to come out with brand new accessories immediately after they announce a brand new smartphone, phablet, or tablet. A few days after they officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge Plus, we are now introduced to a new addition to their Level line of headphones. This time, we get to see and experience “almost live quality” sounds from the new Level On Wireless Pro headphones.

USPTO says D’677 iPhone design patent is invalid in Samsung lawsuit

The battle between Samsung and Apple isn't over. No, it will never be over because even if one issue is settled, we can expect that more cases will be opened. The recent patent dispute between the two tech giant had other tech companies siding with Samsung mainly because the decision of the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals might set a precedent to removing choices for consumers and stifling innovation within the industry.

XDA dev able to port Note 5 firmware to Galaxy S6

We admit that Android may not be as secure but you know, there's some beauty to it. Genius hackers can easily do anything they want. Just a few changes in code, some cracking, or rebooting, you can make your mobile device do a certain function or enable a special feature. Just yesterday, we learned that an XDA developer managed to enable Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 on his Sony Xperia Z2. This time, let's bring more fun to the latest bigger, premium flagship by porting the Galaxy Note 5 firmware to the Galaxy S6.

Samsung working on satellite-based Internet connection

We don't know exactly what Samsung's plans are when it comes to improving the Internet connection all over the world but there's a document believed from the South Korean tech giant's head of R&D in Texas was spotted. The paper is said to present how Samsung is imagining satellites roaming around the Earth to provide mobile internet.

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