Samsung Galaxy Grand On,  Galaxy Mega On specs leaked

Are you already confused with so many Samsung Galaxy devices out in the market, and very little distinguishing one line from the other? Well, get ready to be even more confused as the Korean OEM is set to release a new series which will be called On or O (depending on the region where it will be released) and is closely similar to the entry-level Galaxy J devices. The first two smartphones that will reportedly be released are the Galaxy Grand On and the Galaxy Mega On.

Galaxy Note 5 receives the golden treatment from Karalux

What is it with the Vietnamese that they want premium Samsung phones getting a gold treatment? Earlier this year,  both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were offered in 24k gold, platinum, and rose gold by Goldgenie. Karalux soon followed with a 24K gold plated of the same models. This time, it's the Galaxy Note 5's turn to get the golden treatment for anyone who is willing to pay over a thousand dollars.

Watch all five Galaxy Note models undergo a series of drop tests

What's more painful than watching a brutal drop test from a drone? Watch ten drop tests between all five Galaxy Note models in one video. TechRax is at it again testing not just one but five Notes in a series of side and front-facing drop tests. Not that we still need to know if the smartphones will shatter or not, we want to know how Samsung made every model better each year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 now ready for pre-order in the US

The ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will soon be available in the United States. Samsung has just offered the product for up pre-order from some carriers and retailers in the country. Tablets will be available starting September 3, Thursday next week, all ready in its lightest and thinnest form. The new Android tablet is said to be super fast and boasts of an elegant design that's very familiar among premium Samsung devices.

Galaxy Note 5 for Europe reportedly shows up in Samsung website

These might just be the imaginings of a Galaxy Note fan in Europe who’s still hoping to get their hands on the OEM’s newest phablet, but reports are saying that the Galaxy Note 5 has made an appearance in Samsung’s own website. This has given hope to those who are frustrated that Samsung decided not to sell the device and its semi-controversial S Pen in the European market. But just don’t get your hopes up too much as these are just unconfirmed rumors.

Samsung to showcase three new wireless audio 360 speakers

Samsung Electronics has just introduced new speakers: the R1, R3, and R5 Wireless Audio 360 speakers. These new systems are expected to be showcased by the South Korean giant at the IFA 2015 event in Berlin next week. All models offer omni-directional audio and boast off built-in tap-and-swipe user interface.

Samsung tells users to follow instructions on using S Pen for Note 5

You know that “PenGate” is in full swing when Samsung itself gets into the fray. Well, sort of. The OEM has finally spoken up, albeit very briefly, about the accusations of some users that they overlooked a design flaw when it comes to their S Pen for the new Galaxy Note 5. Some have observed (and some experienced first hand) that if you insert the S Pen the wrong way, it would still go in and will probably damage your device.

Samsung gives digital gifts for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge Plus buyers

Aside from the fact that you have a new smartphone or phablet, one of the things owners of new Samsung gadgets look forward to is the fact that the OEM gives them free digital gifts. For Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus owners, the new set of Galaxy Gifts consists of 14 treats from various apps, from games, to subscriptions to digital content to exercise apps to a discount on your next trip through a travel app.

Samsung to reportedly launch an 18.4-inch Android tablet

Have you ever wondered if you actually need an 18-inch tablet in your life? Well if you never actually thought you needed a screen that large, unless you were sitting in front of a desktop or TV screen, then Samsung will reportedly try to change your mind. Reports are saying they are about to launch an 18.4-inch Android tablet in the market soon, on top of all the new tablets that they’ve already released this year.

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users report SPen design flaw

A lot of people were pretty excited about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, particularly because of the new SPen and its spring mechanism. But it looks like there was possibly a design flaw that the OEM might have overlooked as some users have reported that accidentally putting in the SPen in the wrong direction is not actually detected by the device and might cause permanent damage to your brand new device.
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