Avengers-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories now available

As the Avengers: Age of Ultron continue to break box-office records, fans will continue to look for movie tie-in merchandise. Last week we got Avengers-themed cases for the Galaxy Note 4, and of course you would expect nothing less for their new flagship, the Galaxy S6. Samsung has now announced that yes, the new smartphones are getting their own Marvel character cases, with a surprise accessory thrown into the mix.

Pop-up window keeps bothering some Galaxy S6 users

It's already become one of the favorite new flagship devices, and Samsung's marketing for it has gone all-out, but of course, not everything is perfectly smooth with the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 edge. Some users have been complaining that a terms and condition page keeps popping up on their screen no matter how many times they press decline. And be careful if you think you should just click agree just to make it go away forever, as you may be agreeing to things you shouldn't agree to give to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 scores higher than the Galaxy S6, S6 edge

No doubt the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones in the market this year. We've heard numerous positive reviews and have watched several stress tests already. It was even tagged as the Top 1 Performance Smartphone in Q1 by AnTuTu. Model was quickly followed by the Galaxy S6 edge for obvious reasons--they are very similar. This didn't come as a surprise because premium Galaxy S phones always top the market every time they are launched.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Android 5.1 update tipped for next month

Samsung hit a home run with its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices with people having a hard time getting their hands on the Edge due to the popularity and tight supply. Both of the smartphones are available globally now and a Canadian carrier called Rogers has posted an upgrade schedule that shows an Android update is heading to both devices early next month.

Samsung Gear SDK released for download, be ready to use a rotating bezel

Samsung is rumored to release their first round-face smartwatch but we don't know when exactly. It's not really a mystery since hints of a round-shaped user interface is already on the Samsung Gear page for developers. Actually, we saw some clues about an upcoming smartwatch with rotating bezel from Samsung as early as November last year. Samsung is not really new in the smartwatch game but the company has been releasing box-shaped Galaxy Gear models since it first joined the wearable industry.

Chinese mobile market reportedly slowing down as per new IDC report

For the first time in six years, the supposedly emerging mobile market in China is showing signs of slowing down as the year over year figures show it has contracted 4% in the first quarter of 2015,, according to a the Mobile Phone Tracker report from the IDC. Of course it isn't time yet to panic, especially for those who have invested in this market, but it just goes to show that they are nearing saturation point, and so the focus has to somehow change.

T-Mobile reportedly giving $100 if you buy Samsung phone and tablet

If you're looking to buy both a high-end Samsung smartphone and a tablet, and you're looking at getting a sort of rebate for the two, then T-Mobile might be the carrier you're looking for. A leaked communication to their staff reportedly said that they will be offering a $100 prepaid Mastercard for all customers who will be buying both a smartphone and a tablet together, although not necessarily at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime receives Lollipop update

If you know Samsung from their history, you would be forgiven for thinking that the budget offerings of the Korean smartphone giant will probably never get a taste of Android Lollipop. But Samsung has been surprising us this year, trying to bring back excitement to the brand and doing stuff very un-Samsung-like. First, they updated the budget Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to Lollipop. Now Lollipop has also arrived for another budget device, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.