Samsung rolls out Galaxy Grand Max in South Korea

Just before 2014 ended, we mentioned that Samsung would be launching the Galaxy Grand Max in South Korea at the start of the new year. True enough, the company did unveil the new phablet in its native country. It wasn't even mentioned at this week's CES so we're not sure if it will have an international release.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge now available from Verizon, AT&T

After some months of waiting, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is finally available from Verizon. The phone which others quickly dismiss as experimental is coming to a few mobile carriers in the US. Verizon is offering the Note Edge on a two-year content for only $399. That's still pricey but the unlocked version is $799. Crazy price? That's still cheaper compared to the $1,000 price tag written by AT&T for the same unit.

LG shows off “Active Bending” Dual Edge display

The next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S6, has yet to be formally announced but looks like it will have an early rival in the form of the next LG smartphone. Samsung is rumored to have a dual edge display and LG is also believed to working on the same idea. This could just be a concept but we know LG is also interested in flexible displays just like the other South Korean giant.

Samsung takes on youth market with Galaxy E7 and E5

A lot of people are really hoping that selfie related gadgets would not catch on but it seems like OEMs are trying to capture that segment of the market that would like to see more options for gadgets that cater to their need for capturing selfies. Samsung is taking on the younger market (we assume they're more selfie obsessed than the other generations) with two new products, the Galaxy E7 and E5, now available in India.

Samsung to discontinue Galaxy Alpha, focus on mid-range

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone found more than a few buyers who liked the design of the device despite the high-end price tag. A report has surfaced out of Korean that claims Samsung is discontinuing the Galaxy Alpha smartphone. Rather than selling high-end devices like the Alpha, the report claims Samsung will focus on mid-range devices.

Enjoy virtual reality with Samsung’s Milk for its Gear VR

Virtual reality headsets may not have caught on yet in terms of wearable purchases, but it doesn't mean that we are any less fascinated by it. Samsung is banking on this interest by releasing the Milk VR app which gives access to 360-degree video files to users of their Gear VR. If rumors are to be believed, the video collection will also soon be available for other VR devices as well.

Samsung to release egg-shaped 360-degree speakers for CES

If you want room and portable speakers that would not look out of place in 2001: A Space Odyssey, then you better watch out for Samsung's newest speakers that will be released in time for CES later this month. The Korean OEM announced two new products, WAM7500 and WAM6500 which promises to give users omnidirectional sound with its 360-degree egg-shaped speakers.

Android Lollipop coming to Samsung users next month according to a leaked email

Starting January 2015, Samsung devices will start to get a taste of Lollipop. This is according to an unnamed Samsung employee. According to this employee, Samsung recently sent out an email that included instructions on how to prepare devices for the Lollipop update. The information seems legit and it’s not really unexpected. It was only a matter of time before Samsung releases the official Android 5.0 update for other phones and tablets.

Samsung beats Apple in smartphone consumer satisfaction survey

Samsung just went past Apple when it comes to customer satisfaction at least by two points. This is according to the recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index which surveyed 70,000 consumers before 2014 ends. The results are in and show that Samsung beat Apple with a score of 81. That's also a huge increase from the South Korean giant's score of 76 last year. Meanwhile, Apple's score went down more than two points from last year.