Dashlane adds Samsung Fingerprint Scanner to its app

Biometrics may not be applicable yet for all smartphones or tablets, but many are saying that all future devices will probably have it one way or another. Password manager Dashlane is one of the first among its kind to integrate fingerprint authentication to their app, and they have now announced that they are adding the Samsung Fingerprint Scanner to their Android app, making it easier for users to access their passwords and personal information while still keeping everything secure (or so we hope so).

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge Plus arriving this Aug 12

We've been saying that Samsung may not showcase the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 at the IFA this September and there's a possibility of an early launch. True enough, the South Korean tech giant will finally unveil the new Note in a special tech event in New York on the 12th of August. No formal invites have been sent out yet but this information came from sources close to some telecoms in Taiwan.

Apple captures 92% of all smartphone profits in Q1 2015

We’re not sure if we’ll be happy about the news but Apple has recently beaten Samsung and any other phone makers today when it comes to profits. A recent estimate by Cannacord Genuity’s managing director Mike Walkley said that the Cupertino company has taken 92% of the total operating income from the top phone makers in the world today during the first quarter of 2015.

Samsung to come up with device to measure body fat through phone

While there are a lot of things that our smartphone and wearables can do in terms of tracking our activities and measuring our health through various sensors and features, one thing they haven’t been able to do yet is to measure body fat, which is an important thing to know if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re monitoring your body. A new patent by Samsung may very well solve that if things go according to plan, and maybe you wouldn’t even need to buy a new device.

Samsung files patent for transparent, invisible buttons

USPTO has some treat for us this week as a patent filing from the South Korean giant was spotted. The document shows what could be the future of mobile devices (at least those from Samsung), giving us an idea and the possibility of invisible or transparent buttons. According to the image, these buttons called sensor pads can be set to work with different apps.

Samsung reportedly working on bringing 11K display to mobile devices

If your head and your eyes are still adjusting to the idea of 4k display on your mobile devices, then in a few years, you will probably have to wrap your head around something even bigger (although not necessarily better). A Korean news outfit is reporting that Samsung is now hard at work to bring 11k (yes, that’s not a typo, it really is 11) display to smartphones and tablets, planning to give us more pixels than we ever could have imagined.