Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks cool with Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie has been one of the cooler brands to go to if you wanted your phone to have a protective casing and extra battery power on the go. Now we’re looking at a quirky-shaped phone like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge – which doesn’t have normal edges, of course – and see how it would look like with Mophie’s newly-designed Juice Packs especially for Samsung’s edgy flagship alternative.

Galaxy S6 edge more expensive to make than an iPhone 6

The Galaxy S6 edge has been reviewed, tested, and praised a lot the past few weeks already. The latest flagship phone was released only last April 10 for eager Samsung fans. We don't know the exact number now but we learned there where 5 million people from all over the world who pre-ordered for the dual-edged smartphone. It's a bit more expensive than the Galaxy S6 but it works just the same. The only difference is the display screen that curves on both sides which is unique--a first for any smartphone.

Mobile carriers deleting some pre-installed apps from Galaxy S6

We have no idea exactly why mobile carriers in the United States are deleting several preloaded apps on the Galaxy S6 even when Samsung proudly announced at launch these mobile apps especially those from Microsoft. Some Galaxy S6 owners have reported that their units don't have some of the apps they were expecting to see. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are believed to have removed the apps before shipping them to consumers.

Android 5.0.2 for Galaxy S6 edge ready soon for download

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has finally arrived. After all the stress tests and numerous drop tests, Samsung has proven that the Galaxy S6 edge is one durable smartphone. We're expecting more good news to come the S6 edge's way including the latest Android 5.0.2 Lollipop which we previewed last February both the smartphone and the Galaxy Tab S version. The sweet Lollipop update to the dual-edged flagship phone includes minor updates to the manufacturer's proprietary apps like the S Planner, photo editor, and the TouchWiz ecosystem.

TWRP custom recovery now out for the Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have to ask what a custom recovery is, then you might want to pass on this. A custom recovery is usually mandatory for people who want to use custom ROMs on their Android devices. It gives you a lot more options on which tweaks you can insert into your device. That said TWRP – or Team Win Recovery Project to be exact – has been gaining praises on their custom recovery projects – and a new one is out specifically for the new Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S6.

LastPass password management app gets a Material Design update

So how was your weekend? Did you spend it trying out your new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge. And if you've installed and update your favorite apps, I'm sure by now you've seen the new LastPass for Android. It now has a redesigned interface which was actually expected since Android 5.0 Lollipop and Material Design were introduced last year. This means a better user experience for users of this password management service.

Samsung intros Smart Switch, will work ala Kies on Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

The highly anticipated Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be available starting today, April. Those who have pre-ordered for the new flagship phones would be happy to know you could get your hands on the units maybe later or in the next few days. I’m sure that as soon as you receive the S6 or S6 edge, the first thing you’ll do is to quickly transfer data from your old handset to your brand-new phone. Of course, it’s what you do every year, right?