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Samsung Galaxy Tab to get Exclusive content including apps and games

After learning that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be coming to T-Mobile for $400 on November 10, We learn that Samsung has teamed up with Financial Times, Gameloft, and WHSmith to bring exclusive content to the Tab. Samsung teamed up with the Financial times to create the first Android and HTML5-based app for the tablet. The app will allow users to download the daily FT and have access to FT videos and the latest market updates. The Financial times requires,like most other industry news outlets, users to pay for a membership to access their content, but it wasn't mentioned on whether or not Tab users would be required to pay for access to the content.

Samsung UK still working on Froyo, Updates to come

A week after this last update, which said the same thing, we are informed again that Froyo will be coming soon. Originally set to launch at the end of September the 2.2 update has been pushed back even further. Other than that details are scarce, however, we do know that the update will not be over-the-air and, when released, will be available via Samsung Kies.

Bell’s Canada is Giving Away One Samsung Vibrant A Day Until August 6th

Bell's Canada is following Samsung UK's foot step by giving away Samsung Vibrant free of charge. Samsung UK's action surprises many and it is a unique marketing strategy. The rule is simple, all you have to do is to sign up on their website and a lucky customer will be picked each day until August 6th. The offer is only valid for those who lived in Canada. [via phandroid]