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Verizon offers a bug-fixing update for Samsung Stratosphere II users

Verizon Wireless and Samsung released the Stratosphere II back in November of last year. At the time the handset launched with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, however an update earlier in this year did bring the device up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While that bit by itself was nice to see, it looks like Big Red has recently begun rolling out another software update for the Stratosphere II.

Samsung SCH-I425 ‘Godiva’ FCC filing discovered

While we have yet to see anything official come from Verizon Wireless or Samsung, it looks like the Stratosphere III has recently made an appearance with the FCC. Of course, we should point out that calling it the Stratosphere III is a bit of speculation. What we do know is that this handset is sporting a model number of SCH-I425 and a codename of Godiva. The FCC filing suggests an announcement is coming soon.

Samsung Stratosphere Review

To date there are only eight 4G smartphones available from Verizon, and with the notable exception of the Samsung Stratosphere, all of them are slate-style phones. If you want a keyboard with your LTE, then this is it. The QWERTY slider is very, very similar to the Samsung Epic 4G, with the distinction that it comes on Verizon and features Gingerbread. So, how does it stack up against other 4G phones and QWERTY slider from Verizon? Let's find out.

Verizon’s Samsung Stratosphere rooted already

If you want to make your Android phone work harder, there's only one way to go: root. Verizon's latest phone, the Samsung Stratosphere, has been rooted by some industrious modders. While the root method isn't the easiest in the world, but it should be easy enough for most advanced Android users. For the record, the Stratosphere was only on the market for a little under two weeks before a root method was discovered. The Stratosphere is essentially the same hardware as the Samsung Epic 4G, with a little elbow grease to move it over to Verizon's LTE network and update the software to sweet, sweet Gingerbread. As far as hardware goes it's strictly middle of the road, but for the moment it's the first and only QWERTY slider phone to take advantage of Verizon's LTE network. Interestingly, it seems to be the first Verizon LTE phone to use a Mini-SIM card, saving some small but valuable space in the phone's interior. The phone is basically on-par with the original Galaxy S, plus some extra bulk to accommodate a full keyboard. Android Community got some hands-on time with the phone last week, and a review is coming shortly. Would-be modders should know that Samsung releases the source code for its kernels on a regular basis, so now that root has been achieved, full-fledged custom ROMs won't be far behind. [device id=1936]

Samsung Stratosphere hands on [Video]

The Samsung Stratosphere is the latest 4G phone from Verizon, and to the delight of certain parts of the Android world, it's also a full QWERTY slider. The mid-range device is based on the last generation of Galaxy S phone, and as far as feel and dimensions go, it's got a lot in common with its cousin the Epic 4G. It's launching at a relatively cheap $149.99 - a song for an true LTE slider phone. Our initial impressions follow.
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