Samsung Rugby Smart

Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE gets Jelly Bean in Canada

If you're the proud owner of the rugged little Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE over in Canada on Telus and Bell, we have some good news for you. The device has been waiting for an update, and that time has finally arrived. Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is on its way to your rugged smartphones as we speak, so read on for additional details below.

Android Community Weekly: March 10, 2012

We've had another week of excellent tech news, now here's your wrap-up! There were a few rumors circulating this week that ASUS would be the manufacturer of the first Nexus tablet. We had even thought it could be called the "Google Play", but it turned out that Google Play was the rebranded name of the Android Market. After the Google Play Store was rolled out to devices everywhere, it was breaking the Market for many Motorola devices. Fortunately, they've already pushed an update to v3.4.7 and it managed to fix the problem. And if you all have recently wondered where your Android Market went, it was replaced entirely, so you'll need to find it in your app drawer under Google Play Store.

Samsung Rugby Smart Review

We in the tech media industry tend to focus on the ultra-high end, because honestly, it's what people want to read about. But considering Android's more democratic applications, at Android Community we also like to focus on a wider range of phones for those who either don't want, don't need or can't afford flagship devices. If you find yourself among this company and AT&T is your carrier of choice, you'd do well to investigate the Samsung Rugby Smart, a 3.7-inch Gingerbread phone with basic features and a ruggedized exterior.

Samsung Rugby Smart hands-on

Easily one of the best things about Android is its ability to cover the entire market: whatever your hardware or budget needs are, you can probably find a phone that fits them. The Samsung Rugby Smart is now on sale at AT&T, and it presents a fascinating little section of the market: mid-range hardware and specifications combined with a true ruggedized chassis for a small but tough Gingerbread phone. Samsung was kind enough to send us a review unit, and we immediately set to trying the Rugby Smart out.

Samsung Rugby Smart announced for AT&T: ruggedized mid-range for $99

Looking for a smartphone that can take a beating but won't break the bank? The Samsung Rugby Smart might be right up your alley. The phone gets its moniker from a chassis that can handle dust, water and extreme temperatures, in addition to being a pretty respectable smartphone in and of itself. The 3.7-inch phone gets a standard Samsung Super AMOLED display, making it roughly the equal of the original Galaxy S line. (By the way, no Galaxy in the name? Freaky.) the Rugby goes on sale at AT&T store starting on March 4th, with a two-year contract price of $99.99.

Samsung Rugby Smart rugged phone for AT&T leaks

Some new details and images have leaked for an upcoming Samsung handset headed for AT&T. While it wont be winning any awards for its charming good looks, it does have some rugged and durable features that should make it stand the test of time. Being called the Samsung Rugby Smart lets hope this phone can hang in there during the scrum.

AT&T Galaxy Note rumors point to February 18th for $299

Some new details and rumors are starting to hit the streets regarding not only the highly anticipated Galaxy Note, but of two other Android devices all headed to AT&T. We have now learned of a leaked Q1 2012 roadmap of AT&T's smartphone devices and of them is the Galaxy Note hitting the streets February 18th for just $299 on contract.