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Samsung GT-i9023, Possible Nexus S with Android 2.4, Hits FCC

What in the world is going on here? The story goes - and note we're sort of reciting what Engadget's got on their mind before I give you a whiff of what we're thinking - that this Samsung GT-i9023 (keep that number in mind) which is passing the FCC with AWS 3G (T-Mobile's band), is the same phone that a weirdo group of German homies BestBoyZ were holding in a video that was also running Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich since the baseband version on the About screen is yes, you guessed it, i9023.

Samsung Mobile USA Re-Intros Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the Nexus S

Neato. Just incase you have no idea what Android 2.3 Gingerbread is, or would just like to feel excited all over again about CES 2011, Samsung Mobile USA has just uploaded a video of an official fellow showing off the Nexus S packed with Gingerbread once again. Why release this video today? Maybe to punch Apple in the gut for releasing the iPhone 4 on Verizon today? Idunno.

Nexus S Random Reboot Issue Reported to Google, Being Worked On

Perhaps you've got a Nexus S, and perhaps you've been totally fine with everything it's capable of (and it's capable of a lot!) but you've got one problem - random rebooting. Not ok! So what do you do? You do like WestindiesKING did, and report it to Google! This is exactly what happened back a few days ago on the 29th of December [See Here]. Now there's a brand new response from Ry_Guy (a Google official) which says that indeed they have been able to reproduce this error, and are working on it.

Nexus S Graphics Drivers for crespo Available for Download Today

Mister Jean-Baptiste Queru, a fellow who lives inside the Android Building, lets the world know today that the latest official graphics drivers for crespo (aka the Nexus S hardware) are available for free download from Google's servers. These drivers work with the Android platform source code named android-2.3.1_r1, and Queru reminds us all to be well read on the included license terms so that you do no anger the Google gods who have been so kind to us and are deserving of our gratitude. Bow down before them!

Nexus S Gets MeeGo Install [PLUS How-To Included]

Pros, this is a heads up. If you're into the whole installing of one OS on a competing brand's hardware, this news is for you. It seems that some folks including XDA Developers Forum member stroughtonsmith (aka our friend Steven Troughton-Smith,) and a crack team of other smarties have booted MeeGo unto their Nexus S phones from a rootfs image on their internal memory. Know what that means? No flashing! As our pal Smith notes, MeeGo seems to be the first non-Android OS to be successfully running on the Nexus S.

Nexus S Glove-Friendly Touchscreen is a Winter Boon

One of our staff was playing around at 2 O'Clock in the morning and he found an interesting surprise regarding the screen on the Samsung Nexus S - it works without direct contact from your finger. After we discovered the device's screen worked with the back of a fingernail, we frantically ran around testing what else the device's screen would pick up. The results: surprising to say the least. We got the device to pick up multi-touch gestures with the back of our fingernails, which led us to wonder exactly what was going on. And after the initial surprise of the sensitivity of the screen, we started testing the screen's ability to pick up input through different types of fabric. We tried both a standard polo and a thick sweatshirt and they both came out working flawlessly. This shouldn't work. Capacitive touch screens, for those who are unaware, use the conductivity of the human body to sense input. For anyone who has used an iPhone or Galaxy S device with gloves, you would have noticed that it just will not pick up your touch and you are forced to take them off and use your fingertips. We tried this with a wide array of current-generation mobile phones that we have immediately available and it seems that only Samsung devices showed any response of an input without immense pressure from the user. [vms 3806cba3f47b93af8ccb] So what is Samsung doing differently to construct such an amazing screen? We honestly have no idea. In fact, we don't even think they fully understand what is going on - or are even aware what they have done - which could be the reason we have yet to hear anything officially. For the skeptics, we have gotten this to successfully work on our 3 available Nexus S devices with the backs of our fingernails and a wide array of fabrics. It's worth noting that we still couldn't get any input from a long fingernail, which leads us to believe that it's relating to the heat produced that is transferred through the fingernail. But, even if it's the heat from the finger that's going through the gloves, it's unlike any device we have tested so far, making it worth mention.

Nexus S Phones to be Handed Out to Google Staff (Including Australia!)

It appears that Google will be rolling out a mass giveaway of Nexus S handsets to their staff across the globe immediately if not soon, including Australia where Neither Samsung nor Google have confirmed plans to release the phone for general consumption. This massive handing-out of phones happened back with the HTC Dream and with the Nexus One in India earlier this year. The current wave of Nexus S phones on the market are marked as having 900Mhz and 2100MHz bands, as used by Optus and Vodafone in Australia for 3G reception, but not 850MHz used by Telstra - this is of course noting that the phone does work with 850MHz spectrum with slower data speeds and voice.

Nexus S in Space at 100,000 FT – with Android Toy!

You might be aware that a few days ago some students from the University of California teamed up with Google Engineers to send a Nexus S into space. What you might not know is there's super cute video to go with - and what went into space with the handset? At least one cute little vinyl plastic Android toy - Hooray! Check out the full video of this fun team jamming payloads 100,000 ft above the earth, handsets running Google Maps for Mobile 5.0, Google Sky Map, Latitude, and the teams own custom sensor logging app.

Nexus S First OTA Update Today! [UPDATE: Maybe Not!]

This is the first over the air update to Nexus S and it's coming in just SIX DAYS after its initial release. This update brings the system up to version GRH78 and contains several important bug fixes and the latest version of maps. If you'd like to wait for the update like a Patient Patty you can do so, but if you'd like to get the update directly from Google right this moment, follow the instructions below.

MoDaCo Custom ROM for Samsung Nexus S

Remember before we even start talking here that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS and that the whole kitchen should be up shortly, so says the fellow doing all the hard work on this ROM, a guy named Paul. Also right away know that you've GOT TO wipe your entire device (ALL of it) before flashing this ROM. Paul notes that this is because of the resigning of key components with the AOSP platform key, for facilitating skinning, customizing, and etcetera. And since we're just going to end up going to the cut before any of the other details anyway, I must remind you that hacking, although seemingly encouraged by Android and Google, should be done with caution as it could wreck your whole device. Have fun below!
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