Samsung Nexus S

Google ends full support for CDMA devices, including Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

Disturbing news from the official Android developer website: it appears that nearly all reference to CDMA phones and tablets has disappeared from the official documentation. This includes Android source code and factory ROMs for Verizon's CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola XOOM, as well as the Nexus S 4G. What this implies (and only implies) is that Google is no longer providing official updates for the removed devices, as is generally expected of "developer" hardware. The GSM Nexus S and WiFi-only Motorola XOOM are still present, as are the two initial images for the Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE, though these are marked as "archived, for reference only".

Google Wallet officially available for download on AT&T’s Android Market

Those of you with a Samsung Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus using an AT&T SIM card are now able to download Google Wallet straight from the Android Market. T-Mobile customers - as well as Verizon - will have to use an alternative method for downloading the application. It's not too sneaky, and has been confirmed by multiple users as a working perfectly.

Official Ice Cream Sandwich build leaks for Samsung Nexus S 4G

Nexus S owners were among the first to get an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich, direct from the source at Google - at least, those with the GSM model were. Owners of the CDMA-equipped Nexus S 4G have had to be content with community ROMs and other unofficial fare ever since December (and boy, haven't they let us know). Good news, Nexus faithful: a leaked ROM of Android 4.0 made its way to XDA in the wee hours of the morning. It appears to be the real McCoy, even sporting Android 4.04 - which isn't even part of the official source code yet.

ClockworkMod Recovery Touch beta ready for download

Tired of wearing out your volume keys navigating through a ClockworkMod Recovery interface to flash the newest and coolest ROMs? Good news, everyone! Now you don't have to, assuming that you own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA and GSM) or the GSM variant of the Nexus S. Clockwork developer Koushik "Koush" Dutta released beta versions of the custom recovery software for both phones yesterday. Instead of the basic button-based UI employed up to now, ClockworkMod Recovery Touch allows users to select folder, files and actions via the touchscreen.

Samsung Nexus S Android 4.0 update rolling out to Google employees

Good news guys, it appears the process has just begun and Google is pushing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the original Samsung Nexus S. Apparently a few employees from Mountain View have received the OTA update on their very own Nexus S smartphones and it's safe to say the "dogfooding" testing has finally started. This is a great sign and I'm sure we'll see this available for download shortly.

Google Wallet launches officially on Nexus S 4G

It's the 4G version of the Nexus S that'll receive the update to Google Wallet first, Google tells us, this brand new NFC-based electronic payments system working with Visa, American Express, and Discover right out of the gate. This system will allow you, as you may already know, to tap your device to an in-store payment device and instantly pay your bill with your "Wallet". Your update to full alpha Google Wallet functionality will occur in an over-the-air manner, meaning that if you've got a Samsung Nexus S 4G, you'll be seeing a notification right away immediately if not soon.
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