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DROID Charge Receives OTA Update at Launch

This mystical magical phone manufactured by Samsung and released by Verizon as the DROID Charge has been an object of some mystery as of late, having been sent out to reviewers (including Android Community) earlier than launch, a bit of a delay affecting the launch, then the device launching nationwide over this past weekend at locations like Verizon standalone stores as well as Target's mobile section. Now, not a few days after its official sending-off party, the DROID Charge has its first over the air update. It's not too big, but you should sure download it.

US Cellular Announces Nov 19 Release of Their Version of Samsung Galaxy Tab

Ruh roh! US Cellular has just announced their release of the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab device, releasing it just two days before AT&T has their shot. But while AT&T's version will cost around $650, US Cellular plans on releasing the Tab for a mere $399 after $100 mail-in rebate with 2/yr contract and, as they say, "never have to sign another one" or $599 with no contract. Two plans are available and "tailored to match how often customers will use Wi-Fi for their data needs."

Samsung Mobile Announcement, We Will Be there!

Go ahead and put this in your Google calendar, we received and invite to an event that Samsung will be having on the 16th of September for some announcements. Will this be the big Galaxy Tab announcement or something else new in store for Samsung? Until then keep your calendars marked, it will be here sooner than you will know it. Check back on Android Community on the date to hear all the news.