Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung Infuse 4G Review

Behold, the herald of Galactus!* Truly if ever there were a phone sent by a manufacturer to pave way for a much more powerful phone, this is it. The Samsung Infuse 4G is to the untrained eye a gigantic screen with a powerful single-core engine under the hood and a big fat camera on the back of a "razor thin" candybar form factor. The Samsung Infuse 4G is currently the the holder of the biggest and brightest display of all Android devices classified as a handset. Larger than this and they're tablets. Smaller than this and they're just pipsqueaks with a weight problem. Will it stand up to the current state whilst riding on into a future with a big cousin looming quickly overhead? View here a conundrum!

Samsung Galaxy S II vs Infuse 4G Quadrant Benchmark Pummeling

I know there's a mob of citizens out there saying that these benchmarking tests are bad and unreliable and can be fixed to win and etc, etc, but I'm not going to start every single post with this warning - in fact, hold me to this - this is the last time I post this warning. If you don't like benchmarks, don't read benchmarks, and sit on it, Potsie. That said, we've been going through the guts of both the Samsung Infuse 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II (the Euro version still since the USA version isn't exactly ready for the world yet.) What we're finding is that at first glance they seem pretty similar in their cosmetics. Upon closer inspection, they're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - and in no small way, let me tell you that.

Samsung Infuse 4G MHL Adapter Requires Wall Plug to Work – deal breaker or positive move?

We've got this lovely gigantically bright and delicious (metaphorically) device here for review by the name of Samsung Infuse 4G, and one of the neatest things about it is it's one of if not THE first phone to employ a dual-function microUSB port that also works with an MHL adapter (also included.) This MHL adapter makes it so you can output to a universal HDMI cable and thusly mirror your display to a much bigger display such as an HD television. There's a catch though that you might find good or you might find bad - you've got to utilize the second port on the adapter to plug in to a power source for the adapter to function.

Samsung Infuse 4G 8 megapixel Photo and 720p Video Examples

SO you're interested in getting some fresh details on this lovely new phone from Samsung before we have a full review up, yes? Perhaps some examples of how the cameras look on front and in back? Why, that just happens to be what we've got whipped up for you here! On the front you're going to see a photo of the 1.3 megapixel variety, but you'll find when you work with the phone that there's no option (natively) to take video with that camera - you're only supposed to be using that for video chat. On the back, a massive 8 megapixel camera photo and 720p captured video. Plus a bonus!

Samsung Infuse 4G Hands-On and Unboxing

Were home from NYC and it's time to do a super personal Android friends included hands-on and unboxing for the ravenous community, all the detail you could possibly want coming throughout the rest of today moving on over to the weekend where we'll have a full review. What we've got here is the brand new Samsung Infuse 4G, as carried by AT&T, and we're opening this big beast out of the box early enough for you to be able to see it much before you've got the opportunity to hold it in your own hands - will it be enough to sell well before its big brother comes out in a few weeks?

Samsung Galaxy S II vs Infuse 4G

Below you can see the specs, but right here you're going to get the most important factoid of them all: which one of these two Samsung superstars is thinner? Why, it's the Samsung Galaxy S II of course! But just by a bit. By less than 1mm, if Philip Berne's sources have anything to say about it. But what other tiny bits are different? There's a few biggies, but what about the tiny bits? The battery is 100 mAh apart, the larger of the two being the Infuse 4G at 1750, the smaller of course then the Galaxy S II at 1650. Why would that be? Perhaps to create a slightly smaller phone to win the thin wars?

AT&T allows sideloading apps on the Infuse 4G

Whoa what do we have here, it appears that the new Samsung Infuse 4G now allows for side-loading apps. Something no Android phone on AT&T has been able to do before. From our hands on with the new Infuse 4G it looks like you are now able to select the box "Unknown Sources" and can now install non-market applications. This is huge news because until now users have had to resort to tricks and hackery to side-load applications to AT&T phones.

Samsung Infuse 4G Hands-On in NYC

Today at its New York City reveal we got the chance to take a peek at the brand new Samsung Infuse 4G. This is a phone with the biggest Super AMOLED plus screen ever seen on a handset, the thinnest phone thus far in the official Samsung USA released ranks (the absolute thinnest I think you already also know the name of) and it's rolling out on AT&T's 4G network. Would you like to know more? Have a peek at this monster and get your pants in a bundle!

Samsung Infuse 4G First phone to support hspa+/hsupa at launch

We are at the Samsung event today, and they have opened the doors for everyone to jump at the Samsung Infuse 4G, in case you have missed it this device is sure to pack some excitement around it for the next few weeks. It will operate on AT&T 4G Network and it boasts some pretty nice specs including: 1.2 Ghz single-core processor, a huge 4.5" SuperAMOLED+ Display, 8 MP camera and more. For more details click here

Samsung Infuse 4G official on AT&T

Having had a close call getting in from the airport to the big event here in NYC we've got our hands full with a real life Samsung Infuse 4G. We'll have the device in our hands momentarily and a full review up for you before the end of the weekend, god willing. Meanwhile let's go ahead and list some of the official specs we're privy to now straight from the mouth of the officials.
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