Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung Infuse 4G finally gets official Gingerbread update

Finally! The AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G is finally getting its official update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread starting today. In case you forgot, they mentioned this update was coming back around August but apparently that got delayed a few days -- or half a year. The update is rolling out today and users can get it now.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Infuse 4G Gingerbread Leak Available

For those lucky among you who own a Galaxy S 4G or an Infuse 4G, a Gingerbread, 2.3.5 ROM has been released for your downloading pleasure. While this isn't necessarily an official update by any means, it does suggest that an official update may come in the near future. But for those of you with one of these rooted beauties, the wait is no longer over.

Samsung Pure Breeze Android Launcher app Review [Video]

If there's one thing that device manufacturers across the board are NOT known for, it's optional user interfaces. Instead it's nearly always a face over the top of Android that, if you're not too keen on hacking your device, you're sort of stuck with. Of course manufacturers don't want you to see it that way, promoting their devices alongside their user interfaces as added value - take TouchWiz for example on Samsung devices (video included below aside Pure Breeze video). TouchWiz is what Samsung places on the vast majority of their Android devices, namely their Galaxy S II line coming to the USA this month and the Infuse 4G which we're using for this hands-on look at what Samsung has silently released as a brand new Launcher - Pure Breeze!

Samsung Infuse 4G headed to Rogers and its running 2.3 Gingerbread

The Samsung Infuse 4G was recently released at an event in NYC back in May and we were there for some hands-on. If you don't recall the Infuse 4G is a Galaxy S device featuring a monster 4.5" AMOLED Plus display. So basically the screen not only looks amazing but its also huge. This is the largest screen to have a Samsung Super AMOLED Plus display and it was launched on AT&T with a 1.2 Ghz CPU and Android 2.2 FroYo. New information is showing the Infuse 4G launching on Rogers will a little surprise.

Samsung Infuse 4G Open-Source Code Released for Developer Magic

For everyone hoping to get in on some biggest brightest screen on a handset in the entire world action, some developer action at that, your time is now, and the place is over at the SOSRC. Of course that's also known as the Samsung Open Source Release Center for those of you not into the whole brevity thing. You can use this code to build the whole system from the ground up or you can use it to make some wacky ROMs or you can just fiddle with it all the livelong day.

AT&T Upload speeds and caps, who is to blame?

AT&T has been in an ongoing battle with users and blogs over the upload speeds on recent android phones. Who do we blame for it AT&T,, or Both? You might remember all the talk the Atrix 4G got when it launched as a 4G phone, then users all learned 4G upload speeds were currently disabled. AT&T even responded to the complaints. We have done a little digging and have some interesting results regarding AT&T, and for you all to enjoy below.

Samsung Hercules to Save T-Mobile Customers?

An early accessory listing leaked the names of Samsung Galaxy S II variants for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, leaving T-Mobile out of the loop. Today though it looks like there may be another "hero" phone coming T-Mobile, in the form of a phone named (for now anyway) the Samsung Hercules, a phone with the power of the Galaxy S II, and the size of AT&T's new Infuse 4G.

Samsung Infuse 4G rooted via SuperOneClick

Well folks it is just that easy. As always the wonderful developers from XDA have done it again and now the brand new Samsung Infuse 4G from AT&T has been rooted with a single click. It doesn't get much easier than that. Using the ever popular SuperOneClick method you simply run the program on your computer, and you are rooted. More details below.
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