Samsung Hercules

Samsung Galaxy S II hands-on and unboxing [T-Mobile]

Everyone say hello to the big boy on the block, the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. With its awesome 4.52" AMOLED display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor it surely will rule the T-Mobile streets for a few weeks. This being the third Galaxy S II available in the US -- first being the Epic 4G Touch, second being the AT&T Galaxy S II I'm excited to show everyone this top contender for Galaxy S II supremacy so check out our unboxing video and pictures below.

Samsung Galaxy S II For T-Mobile Pictured Clear as Day

Yes Please! This is what we have been waiting for over at the Magenta carrier, a sign that they will in fact be getting the Samsung Galaxy S II superphone that everyone seems to love. Could this be the rumored Samsung Hercules. We recently saw this device pass the FCC under model SGH-T989 and now we know that is indeed the Galaxy S II. Now we must figure out if the Hercules will be something different or if it was just the codename for the SGSII.

Samsung Hercules Spotted in the Wild?

We have heard the name Samsung Hercules more than a few times. Original reports suggest the Hercules will be the Galaxy S II variant for T-Mobile with a large 4.5" screen. It appears to have been spotted in the wild running on TELUS and from first glance the hardware looks stellar and I want it already.