Samsung Gear VR

Samsung launches Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6, S6 edge

The Samsung Gear VR maybe one first virtual reality gaming systems available in the market today but it certainly has a lot of rooms for improvement. The VR device only became available on Best Buy last March and Samsung has been trying to market the product by letting us see how virtual reality can help connect people even those that are miles away. It still is in its early stages but the tech giant has bigger plans for it which includes a consumer-ready Note 5 Gear VR version someday.

Qualcomm’s Vuforia SDK beta lets you developer for VR gear

Virtual Reality headsets and eyewear are getting more and more accessible, but it seems that the hardware is outpacing the development of apps and content that would actually make these devices more than just heavy accessories. Each device espouses their own (or someone else's) platform and therein lies part of the problem. Qualcomm, who doesn't have a VR headset of its own but powers some of these, is trying to create a bridge to all these estranged lands. And that bridge is almost here with the beta release of the Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear.

Samsung Gear VR finally available on Best Buy this Friday

Virtual reality is still relatively new. It may not be mainstream yet but there is certainly a market for it. Just recently, Samsung showed us how the Gear VR helped a father see birth of his child virtually---somewhat telling us that the headset has a great purpose. The South Korean giant is still working on making it work with other units like the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. Soon, this virtual reality gaming headset will be consumer-ready too.

Samsung Gear VR helps father see birth of child virtually

This may be too melodramatic for you but Samsung has perfectly shown us how virtual reality could bring people together even though they are on different places at a given time. With the use of Samsung Gear VR, offshore-based Jason of Queensland, Australia was able to witness the birth of his third child in Perth. The father was 4,000 kilometers away from his pregnant wife Allison and two kids but Samsung brought them together virtually.

Divergent: Insurgent experience coming to a Samsung VR Gear near you

The Divergent book series, together with Hunger Games, has helped herald a new age of dystopian YA fever into the pop culture consciousness. The second installment of the movie franchise is still a month away, but to help hype up excitement for it, a four minute video is coming your way through Samsung's Gear VR headset by the end of the month. That is, if you're anywhere near the places where the Insurgent: Shattered Reality experience will go on tour.

Samsung Gear VR now available at Best Buy, sort of

Good news: The Samsung Gear VR, that wonder toy that brings virtual reality to the masses (well, at least those who own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4), is now out to market and available at Best Buy. Bad news: the Gear VR "Innovator Edition" is just available via the online store, so buying this VR headset is still a very Internet-driven process. But at the very least, it is now within the grasp of the consumers out there and no longer just a pipe dream.
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