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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 UK arrival set for July

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Mega back in mid-April. That announcement included word of a 6.3-inch and a 5.8-inch smartphone and while we haven't seen much for either model since, it looks like some pricing has been detailed for the Mega 6.3. The details are coming by way of UK retailer Clove who have the handset listed for pre-order with an expected shipping date sometime in July.

Samsung SideSync seamlessly blends your PC and Galaxy together

Earlier this month we heard a few comments regarding Samsung SideSync with their Windows ATIV branding announcement, but today we're now getting additional details. Samsung has introduced what they're calling SideSync, which will allow your PC and Galaxy smartphone to work together as one. It doubles as a backup solution, and can you even use your keyboard and mouse on your phone.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 approved for government and military use

Reports from earlier in the week suggested that select Samsung devices were nearing approval for use by the US government. Those reports mentioned the GALAXY S 4, however the overall approval seemed hinged on the Samsung Knox security software. Coming this morning, we have received word from Samsung in regards to the approval and moving forward, the US government and military will be able to use Samsung smartphones and tablets provided they are running the Knox security software.

Samsung Galaxy lineup may soon get Department of Defense approval

This isn't the first time we have heard about Android handsets coming available for use by employees in the Pentagon, however it looks like the Department of Defense is just about ready to issue an approval. The catch here comes in with which devices will receive the approval. Right now, it is looking like those will include Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Or more specifically, Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are running the Knox security software.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and 5.8 specs leak in detail

This isn't the first time we are hearing about the yet-to-be announced Galaxy Mega smartphones, however as of today it is looking like we have a full and complete set of specs for this pair of smartphones. The handsets include the Galaxy Mega 6.3 and the slightly smaller, but still oversized Galaxy Mega 5.8. Diving right in with the newly updated specs, lets begin with the Mega 6.3. This handset, as implied by the name, will bring a 6.3-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy Win announced with 4.7″ display and quad-core CPU

We saw a bit of detail on the Galaxy Win last week, however as of today it looks like Samsung has offered up some official details. The details include a full set of specs, however some of the key points remain a mystery at this point. Basically, that is to say that Samsung has yet to say anything in terms of pricing and an availability date. Not to mention, which markets would have the Galaxy Win available.

Samsung leak reveals the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega

Samsung appears to be living in a world where bigger means better in terms of smartphones. Of course, given their success with the Galaxy Note lineup, that statement sort of rings true. Looking forward though, it is now looking like Samsung will be announcing two new devices that will make the Galaxy Note II seem a bit smaller.
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