Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab 2 [Full Details]

We're just about ready to ship off to Barcelona and the leaks continue to leak. A couple devices we've been waiting for information on are from Samsung: the Samsung Galaxy S 2 (or Samsung Galaxy S II,) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. We've got details now on both - the Galaxy S information coming from Korean news source Paran, the info on the Galaxy Tab 2 coming from SlashGear. Have a look and open up your pocketbooks because you're about to stock up.

Sports Illustrated comes to Android

Time has launched Sports Illuatrated for Android.  The subscription based app will be a completely digital version of it's iconic sports magazine and is available for all Android tablet and smartphone platforms.  Here are the details ...

Samsung 10.1 Inch Honeycomb Tablet Coming Within a Week

Oh joyous day! Mobile World Congress 2011 is just around the corner and the rumor barrels have gotten to the breaking point - leaks everywhere! A source speaking with PocketLint has confirmed that not only will Samsung be releasing a new tablet this Sunday (two days away!), they'll be releasing a 10.1-inch tablet packing no less than Android 3.0 Honeycomb!

Samsung Galaxy Tab Maintenance Update EA24

If you've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab on the Sprint network, you'll be noticing an update being pushed to your device today or tomorrow, this update being for several bugs and enhancements. Amongst these are new drivers for your LCD supplier, a QIK software update to 0.04.77 that will overlay the version you've currently got on your device, and Exchange email fixes you probably wont even notice.

Sprint doubles down on Android for 4G

With Verizon rolling out their 4G LTE network in over 200 cities this year, and the inevitable rumor mill of a 4G iPhone on the horizon, wireless telecom Sprint isn't sitting on their laurels.  In an effort to shore up their lead on the superfast 4G network race, Sprint will be adding more 4G supported Android devices this year. With a current offering of about twenty 4G devices, Sprint will be bumping up their Android4G offerings to more than seventy percent of their mobile catalog.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Dropped on T-Mobile to $249.99 w/2-year plan

For those of you still sitting on the branch about if you'd like to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab, now might be your best shot at grabbing it at its cheapest. You can now pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab direct from T-Mobile for $249.99. You'll of course need to pick up a 2 year agreement with the Tab, locking you in directly past the incoming wave of Gingerbread tablets this Summer.

CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread Now on Galaxy Tab

The day has come, after so much waiting. Oh you didn't expect this day to ever come? Perhaps you expected the Samsung Galaxy Tab to remain in Android 2.2 mode forever? How would you like to turn on some Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread lights in your lovely little Tab? Lucky you, Technomancer of XDA Forums has posted a path to CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy Tab bringing you all the tasty Gingerbread your heart could desire.

Galaxy Tab returns under 2% in US insists Samsung

Samsung has denied analyst claims of sky-high Galaxy Tab returns, suggesting that figures indicating up to 16-percent return rates are entirely false. Instead, the company says, US return rates are under 2-percent. The news follows another clarification from earlier this week, when Samsung was thrown into damage control after reports suggested an exec had described sales of the tablet as "quite small"; in fact, the spokesperson had said "quite smooth" but seemingly been misunderstood during the quarterly financial call. At under 2-percent, that puts the Galaxy Tab return rate at around the same as what's been quoted for Apple's iPad, though the company is yet to announce official numbers. Samsung is expected to unveil a 10-inch Galaxy Tab with a dual-core processor at MWC 2011 later this month. [via SlashGear]