Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 getting update to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Samsung has been paying more attention to their smartphone updates than Tabs, but we have good news. Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 is their first and only tablet to use their Super AMOLED technology, and is still one of our favorite Samsung slates. Sadly it launched with Gingerbread, then back in the summer of last year was updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Today according to SamMobile the Tab 7.7 will be able to enjoy the latest and greatest.

Samsung details its ICS upgrade plans in the US

We've heard from various carriers and manufacturers on their plans to upgrade existing phones to Android 4.0, but despite the fact that updates for the Galaxy S II have been available for multiple markets (including the US) Samsung has remained curiously quiet. Until today: the company finally posted a comprehensive list of devices that will see Ice Cream Sandwich. All four major US carriers and WiFi tablets have been detailed - with one important exception.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 goes to South Korea with LTE and voice calling

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 has been one of the companies most hotly-anticipated tablets, due in no small part to its 7.7-inch Super AMOLED screen. While WiFi versions have been available for some time in Europe and the US has an LTE version from Verizon, Samsung's home country of South Korea has been sadly bereft of a 7.7 model of its own. Until now: Samsung announced that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE is coming to South Korea from SK Telecom. It'll be priced at 800,000 won without a contract, or just a little north of $700 USD.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Verizon LTE Review

Meet the latest tablet from team Samsung and Verizon complete with 4G LTE and a 7.7" AMOLED HD display. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE is the newest member of the ever-growing range of Samsung tablets and fits in between all the other sizes they've released as of late. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE has a dual-core processor and one of the best displays we've seen on a tablet -- and has us very impressed. Read on for our full thoughts and plenty of pictures.

Official: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 hits Verizon on March 1st

We heard a quick rumor about it yesterday, but now we can lay it to rest: Verizon is getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Thursday, March 1st. It's the first version of Samsung's Super AMOLED tablet to go on sale in the United States, and as a consolation prize for waiting nearly six months after it was announced, it's packing 4G LTE to boot. Naturally it runs Honeycomb (no word on a timeframe for an Ice Cream Sandwich) and Verizon gets the smaller 16GB version. The tablet starts a $499.99 on a two-year contract, or a whopping $699.99 without.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 due March 1st for $499 says equipment guide

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is one of Samsung's most hotly-anticipated tablets - or at least it was, back in August before both CES and Mobile World World Congress. Speaking of CES, it was there that Samsung announced its intention to bring an LTE version of the tablet to Verizon, and according to a listing in the carrier's equipment guide, it's due to hit retailers on March 1st - in just three days. The cost? An eye-watering $499.99 on contract, or $699.99 without a commitment.  Rumors that it comes with a free e-book entitled "How to Completely Botch a Product Launch" are unconfirmed.
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