Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1 source code posted

If you got your hands on a sweet $250 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, it's time to start diving into that code. Samsung has just posted the open source code not only for the 7-inch model of the Galaxy Tab 2, but the delayed 10-inch version as well. Of course having the source code will help modders to alter the existing software, but it will also allow them to easily get custom ROMs running on the Android tablets. And we love us some custom ROMs. You can download the source code files here.

Samsung attacks – shows why their Galaxy Tab 2 is the best budget tablet

Samsung is at it again today with another one of their awesome comparison graphs. This time around they aren't comparing the Note 10.1 to the new iPad, instead they are showing why their new and impressive Galaxy Tab 2 (7") is the best budget tablet around - coming in at $249. Below you can see our full review of the tablet, and their detailed graph showing why you should choose it over the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) only $249 – Reviewed by SlashGear

Samsung's went back to the drawing board and has prepared two more Android tablets for the market. Calling this round the Galaxy Tab 2 they come in both a 7 and a 10-inch flavor. We've seen details on these dual-core Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich tablets for weeks and weeks but they'll finally be available later this month. Best news here though is the price and Samsung has really outdone themselves.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch priced at $309… on QVC

"Let me tell you something, home shoppers, we have got an amazing deal for you today. This here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, that's the second version of the Galaxy Tab, with a ginormous 7-inch screen. That's like an iPad, ladies and gentlemen, but it fits in your purse. Now I'm not supposed to do this, but just for you, today, we're gonna price this fantastic computer thingy at - what was that, Lucile? Really? Wow folks, you've got an amazing deal here. We're going to price this 7-inch Samsung tablet at a fantastic three hundred and nine dollars. Call us right now - our operators are standing by, and these won't last long. Pick one up for your grandkids!"

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablets delayed till late April

Raise your hand if you're uber excited for the Galaxy Tab 2, in either its 10.1-inch or 7-inch incarnations. Anyone? Well, if you've just been dying to get your hands on some warmed-over hardware, you'll have to wait a little longer: Samsung said that the international release of both tablets has been delayed slightly. They'll now appear at the end of this month, though specific dates and markets weren't given. Try to contain your disappointment, Android fans.
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