samsung galaxy tab 10.1″

Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets its first official CyanogenMod 9 pre-alpha

Development on CyangoenMod 9, the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the popular family of custom ROMs, is still in heavy development. While official releases from the CyanogenMod team are rare, the lead developer Steve Kondik posted a link to the first Alpha version of CM9 for Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1. While technically still an alpha, everyhing seems to be working with the exception of the camera. You can download the ROM here, and rooted users can flash it via the recovery of their choice.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OTA update hitting WiFi models now

A maintenance update should be pushed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [WiFi Only] soon, and aims to fix a few common issues. No, this may not be the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update you've been praying about, but it still mends some important problems. First off, it should fix rotation issues. Slow rotation on either a tablet or smartphone can get real irritating, so hopefully this speeds things up.

Verizon to update Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OTA

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 should see an OTA (Over-The-Air) update very soon and will mainly consist of UI changes to their increasingly popular TouchWiz UI, and of course a batch of security patches. Many of the widgets have been updated too, so your Galaxy Tab 10.1 will certainly look fresh after the update. For those of you that currently use a home replacement launcher - you may not notice any change at all.

US judge denies Apple injunction – Samsung sales are safe for now

It's a good evening for Truth, Justice and the American Way, even if those on the receiving end are Korean. Reuters reports that late Friday the judge on the docket in Apple's suit against Samsung in the United States threw out the case, stating that an injunction on Samsung's devices would not prevent serious damage to Apple's sales. It's the most significant development yet in a case that's been going on since April of this year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi 16GB for $319 from Woot

Deal Alert! This here may not be a quad-core tablet rocking Android 4.0 ICS or anything but it still is considered one of the best all around tablets available in my book. Today has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi 16GB model on sale for a mere $319.99 ($180) off retail price. It doesn't have a quad-core like I mentioned and it does happen to be a refurbished unit but that shouldn't hold anyone back looking for a great deal that missed those Black Friday sales.
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