samsung galaxy s4 mini

Samsung Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S 4 Mini arriving in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy Mega had been expected to arrive in the UK next month, however it looks like that arrival will actually fall in June. This confirmation comes by way of UK retailer Clove who has said the Galaxy Mega will begin shipping on June 29th (for arrival on June 30th). And in addition, the same can be said for another Samsung handset, the Galaxy S 4 Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini hands-on and impressions

There's a miniature version of what the world has been snatching up en masse: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. As we're here in London having a look and touch with the whole new family of devices from Samsung, it seems only natural to get up close and personal with the smallest of the pack - all 4.3-inch display of it. This device won't wow the way the Galaxy S4 does, but it's certainly going to bring on the connectivity.
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