Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Devices Now DivX HD Certified

It's not a standard in every phone quite yet, but it's becoming more apparent that DivX support is a growing trend in smartphones. Samsung, especially, has actually included the support for the video format, including it in devices that aren't even smartphones, per se. So, it comes as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S devices have been officially given the title "certified."

Vodafone Terminating Galaxy S Carrier Warranty if Not on Carrier Approved Firmware

There are devices out there, like the original HTC Hero, that have both carrier branded versions, and purely unlocked models floating around. This differentiation between devices can make it somewhat troublesome for manufacturers to release official software updates to their handsets, as they not only have to deal with unlocked devices making their way around the globe, but also those carrier branded versions, which have to deal with carrier optimized software. But manufacturers, like HTC and Samsung, have figured out a way around that: simply release the updated software via your website, for the appropriate device, and let the owner update on their own.

Samsung Galaxy S unlock hack is easiest to date

Samsung's Galaxy S series may be relatively special in the US for being a smartphone launched - in various identikit forms - across multiple carriers at the same time, but what if you want to use your AT&T Captivate on T-Mobile USA's network?  Happily Samsung seem to almost be conspiring against their carrier partners by apparently including unlock codes for the Galaxy S series in files actually on the smartphones themselves. The clever souls over at xda-developers have come up with a tool to extract said-codes from the .BAK files in which they lurk, and have put together a full guide on how to use it.  Since you don't need to root the Galaxy S in order to unlock it, and there's also a relock system, you can even restore the phone to as-delivered condition should you need to send it back to your respective carrier. As ever, doing any modifications of this sort leaves you facing the risk of a bricked handset, but so far reports on the process seem positive.  It works on both the US versions of the Galaxy S - e.g. the T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate - as well as the European Galaxy S model. [via TechTicker]

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile GPS Fix Coming in September

The Samsung Galaxy S variant for T-Mobile, the Vibrant, is known to have some issues with its GPS. In fact, it's not the only US-based Galaxy S with the problem. Luckily though, Samsung has admitted to the situation, and have been diligent about getting a fix out the door to alleviate the problem. They've even gone as far as to issue a statement about it, and have promised a software fix by the early weeks of September.

Samsung Galaxy U Specifications Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy U may not have been the cream of the crop at all, or ever, but it's certainly worthy of its own praise. Just uncovered over at Samsung Hub, the specifications for the upcoming Galaxy U have been unveiled. And while it may not be as impressive as its S-branded sibling, it's still worthy of the Android platform that it carries.

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile $99.99 Today Only

The Samsung Galaxy S variant for T-Mobile, known as the Vibrant, has just taken a drastic price cut. In a move that's become somewhat normal from the magenta carrier, one of their high-profile devices will go on sale for one day only. Whether this is to stimulate some sales that have slumped off since its launch, or T-Mobile's just being nice, no one knows. Either way, though, you get a killer deal on an amazing device.

Samsung YP-MB2 Poses for Another Photo

The Personal Media Player from Samsung, better known as the YP-MB2, still exists. It's not just some cruel joke that Samsung is playing on all of us. And just to make sure that we all know that, it's lined itself up for some more photos. It's still looking just as good as ever, especially with that 4-inch Super AMOLED display. We're beyond excited for the iPod Touch competitor, and we wish we were one of the lucky individuals overseas that reportedly has the device in hand.

Samsung Hard at Work on GPS Fix for Galaxy S Devices

There's no question that the Galaxy S devices out there in the wild have a GPS situation going on right now. Plenty of folks keep telling us about it, after all. And while it's all well and good for us, and the owners, to know that there's a problem, there's a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from the manufacturing company announcing that they know it exists, and are hard at work on fixing it. That's what Samsung have just announced, thankfully.

Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint Launching August 31st for $249.99

After plenty of speculation, and plenty of rumors swirled around, it turns out that that August 11th rumor was actually accurate. And, we were cutting it pretty close, at least on the West coat. (It is technically the 12th over there on the right side of the US, after all.) But, sure enough, Samsung have officially announced the Samsung Epic 4G's availability date, and have gone ahead and done one better: told us the price, too.

Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO 4G Compared by Sprint [video]

When the Samsung Epic 4G was announced, despite the fact it had plenty of the same features seen on other Samsung Galaxy S devices, one of the stand-out features was that ability to connect to Sprint's 4G WiMAX network. Sure, the EVO 4G was the first device to do it, but it couldn't stay in the limelight forever. Now that the Epic 4G is close to a release date (we assume), here's Sprint to show you why you'd want to take a look at the Epic, versus the EVO.
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