Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy Tab is Rooted For Now, Before Release

The Galaxy Tab, the tablet device from Samsung in the lineage of the Galaxy S devices, isn't officially released yet. Yes, it's announced, but it's not widely available anywhere, but that's not stopping the development crowd. As has happened with a few high-profile devices out there before this, the Galaxy Tab has officially been rooted, well before its official release into the wild.

Froyo For Samsung’s Galaxy S Could Be Here Soon

We know, there have been whisperings of 2.2 coming to the Galaxy S phones in the early fall, and now we have a screen shot that could bring some truth to that. It's only a screen shot, but surely this is an early build that is being tested.

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Shown Off in Standard Samsung Promo Video

First, there was the promotional video for the Samsung Galaxy S -- the device that started it all, basically. It showcased all of the great features of the device, like its four-inch Super AMOLED display, and how easy it is to use the Swype keyboard. It did a good job of making people want the phone. Soon after, with the launches of the Galaxy S variants scheduled for release here in the States, promo videos started showing up of each specific device. Now it looks like the Fascinate is next in line.

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Showcases September 9th Launch Date Again

The leaked documents regarding the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy S variant heading to the largest wireless carrier in the United States, keep on coming. No complaints here -- but it is certainly making us want the 9th of September to come faster. Oh, and an official statement from Verizon. That'd be nice, too. In the mean time, though, we get to stare at another leaked internal Verizon document that showcases pre-paid device training for employees.

Samsung Fascinate Training Documents Hit the Internet

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. After informing you that the Samsung Galaxy S variant for Verizon has been hitting warehouses around the country, and now a suspected release date gets tipped for September 9th, we now have the training documents from Verizon making their way onto the Internet. Basically, ladies and gentlemen, we can start counting down the days until this Super AMOLED-toting handset makes its debut on the largest wireless carrier here in the States.

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Due on September 9th?

There's a lot of question marks surrounding the Samsung Fascinate. Verizon's variation of the Samsung Galaxy S line-up has yet to get an official launch date, even as the other major wireless carriers have already launched their own device, or are getting ready to in a matter of days. But, that looks to be coming to a swift stop, if these new leaked images are any indication.

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Landing in Warehouses, Launch Imminent?

Here in just a few days, all of the major wireless carriers in the United States will have launched their own versions of the Samsung Galaxy S device. All of them, except Verizon. In all honesty, it probably makes sense that Verizon hasn't launched the Fascinate yet, simply because they've been putting a lot of backing on their Droid line of Android-powered handsets, and off setting that with the launch of the Fascinate is probably counter-productive to whatever their game plan is. That being said, it looks like the Super AMOLED-toting device is starting to show up in Verizon warehouses.

Samsung Galaxy S Devices Now DivX HD Certified

It's not a standard in every phone quite yet, but it's becoming more apparent that DivX support is a growing trend in smartphones. Samsung, especially, has actually included the support for the video format, including it in devices that aren't even smartphones, per se. So, it comes as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S devices have been officially given the title "certified."
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