Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Comes in White Too

Through all the variations of the Samsung Galaxy S out there, there haven't been any that have moved away from the plain black/chrome color scheme. While that's not necessarily boring or anything, we can safely say that there's plenty of options out there, without much coming in the way of colors. And, we love our options. That's why we're so excited to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S comes in white, too.

Samsung Galaxy S in the UK will See Android 2.2 Update in September

We're all waiting for the update to Android 2.2. Perhaps for most situations, at least in an official capacity. And while we sit here with our fingernails between our teeth, we're eagerly anticipating when phone manufacturers around the world tell us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, when that update is coming for any particular handset. Thanks to Samsung's UK Twitter account, we now know when the UK-based Galaxy S is getting their update.

Samsung Galaxy S Gets Early Build of Android 2.2, Shown Off in Video

We already know that Samsung plans on launching some of their Galaxy-based devices with Android 2.2. No, not here in the States, but more like across the world. What that means, though, is that Froyo is alive and well, and Samsung is obviously testing it on their devices. Sure enough, here you get to see a Galaxy S with a new (brand new), and incomplete build of 2.2.

Bell’s Canada is Giving Away One Samsung Vibrant A Day Until August 6th

Bell's Canada is following Samsung UK's foot step by giving away Samsung Vibrant free of charge. Samsung UK's action surprises many and it is a unique marketing strategy. The rule is simple, all you have to do is to sign up on their website and a lucky customer will be picked each day until August 6th. The offer is only valid for those who lived in Canada. [via phandroid]

Samsung Galaxy S is Given Free To Frustrated iPhone 4 Users By Samsung UK

This came out of nowhere. Samsung Mobile UK is giving out Samsung Galaxy S devices to people who have tweeted their iPhone 4 problem. We all know the issues with the iPhone 4 by now, and obviously Samsung wants to capitalize on this. What better way to do that, then to hand out their flagship device to all those unsatisfied with their Apple product?

Samsung Galaxy S in France to Get Android 2.2 in September

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that the Samsung Galaxy S, in its original form overseas, is doing quite well for itself. So well, in fact, that a spokesperson for Samsung France is actually saying that the update to Android 2.2, better known as the frozen desert Froyo, is coming as quickly as September. Sure, it may not be tomorrow, but at least it's better than some day.

Samsung Road SMS for Galaxy S hands-on [Video]

We've a soft spot for augmented reality (AR) apps and a dislike of walking into lampposts, so Samsung's new Road SMS app for the Galaxy S satisfies both our hunger for gimmicks and personal safety.  Available exclusively through the Samsung Apps download store on the Galaxy S - and, we're guessing, on the Vibrant, Captivate and any other Galaxy S variant the company pushes out - the Road SMS app basically overlays a QWERTY keyboard on top of a live view from the phone's camera. That means you can strut along the street, texting away to your hearts content, while simultaneously keeping an eye out for open manhole covers, angry dogs or stray celebrities.  Unfortunately the app itself is pretty basic: all you have is a keyboard, a shortcut to choose the message recipient and a character counter (which seems to want to limit messages to 80 rather than the more usual 160 characters); there's no way to browse incoming messages or indeed take a photo for an MMS. Still, as a free gimmick it's pretty neat, and we imagine someone will soon rip it from the Samsung ROM and offer it on other custom installs for rival handsets.  Full demo in the video below. Samsung Road SMS on the Galaxy S: [vms 1025975e548cee86dfad]

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant goes on sale

Keen for a new Android smartphone today but not feeling the DROID X?  T-Mobile USA may have the device for you, in the shape of the Samsung Vibrant, their version of the Galaxy S, freshly on sale for $199.99 after various instant and mail-in discounts. That gets you a 4-inch Super AMOLED WVGA display, 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, 5-megapixel camera and 16GB of storage.  The Vibrant runs Android 2.1 with the Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 UI on top. We've got the Samsung Vibrant in for review at the moment, and are working through its various features and foibles, but if you're looking for a snapshot then check out our full Galaxy S review over at SlashGear - despite a few differences, the phones are basically identical.

Samsung Fascinate Still Coming to Verizon, Just Not Soon

So, the Motorola Droid X is launching tomorrow. And, to be honest, we were actually just about ready to put up a post trying to determine which device all of you were more excited about. Which device you were going to slap your hard earned money down for. But then this happened. And well, considering the news we think we may already know the answer. Though, feel free to voice your opinion anyway (Droid X or Fascinate). According to Verizon, it doesn't look like the largest wireless company in the United States knows when they're launching the highly anticipated Super AMOLED handset.

Samsung Galaxy S in Korea Getting Android 2.2 in August

So, as many rumors as we have heard about the Galaxy S, as far as the international version goes, revolving around Android 2.2 and its subsequent upgrade, it's good to finally get a somewhat firm understanding of when we might expect to see it. It's known as the Samsung M110S in Korea, but it's the exact same Galaxy S that you've grown to love over the last few months. And yes, it's getting upgraded to Android 2.2 in "early August."
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