Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

Samsung Fascinate, Captivate, and Vibrant First Free Phones Revealed for Best Buy Free Phone Fridays

Tomorrow at Best Buy Canada you'll have the opportunity to participate in Best Buy's "Free Phone Fridays," a promotion where you'll be able to grab any of the phones listed on a particular Friday's list.* *With a three year contract, of course. Is it worth three years of being tied to one single phone? How about if you also participate in their Buy Back program? There might be a glitch in this plan...

Samsung Vibrant 2.2 Update Today Disputed

Although there does appear to be a few people getting the promised Android 2.2 Froyo update via Kiew Mini from T-Mobile, there's a general disagreement amongst the rest of the population not quite able to access the yogurt. If you'll take a look at TmoNews they do appear to have a legitimate internal email saying that the update will be appearing today and that the update will come via Kies Mini and that you can grab support from the official T-Mobile forum, but therein lies the question - where's the sticky thread?

Samsung Vibrant Gets Froyo Tomorrow – January 21

All you lovers of the Vibrant that's about to get replaced by its big brother Vibrant 4G, you're in luck. Right here on the same day the Vibrant 4G is basically thrown in everyone's faces, chief marketing Cole Brodman (of T-Mobile) speaks with PCMag, telling them that the updates should start rolling out tomorrow and will be out to everyone within weeks.

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G “coming soon”: Vibrant 4G confirmed

T-Mobile USA has officially confirmed the upcoming HSPA+ version of the Samsung Vibrant, which will launch as the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G. "We will launch as new the Samsung Galaxy S 4G" CEO Philipp Humm apparently confirmed at a briefing earlier today, reports PCMag, as well as giving the official nod to the Sidekick 4G. No release date for the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G has been given, but Humm did say it was "coming soon".

Samsung Responds to Vibrant Android 2.2 Froyo Hold

If you've been keeping up with this epic debacle with T-Mobile and Samsung regarding the Samsung Vibrant, you know that Samsung AND T-Mobile have been accused of holding back a Froyo update from the Vibrant so that they might have better sales of the Vibrant 4G+. These accusations were made by a source inside either Samsung or T-Mobile. The response to this story was a torrent of comments and tweets and all that good stuff on how everyone hated the situation and both companies involved in it. Then it got interesting...

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is Coming to Canada Thanks to Bell

Good news for Canadian folk. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is going to be there some time soon. Now, for those Canadian Android fans, you all don't have to worry about unlocking and paying with lots of money just to get your hand on this phone. Bell Mobility will be carrying this 4.0-inch WVGA (480 x 800)SUPER AMOLED mDNIe(Mobile Digital Natural Image engine).