Samsung Galaxy S Series

Samsung Galaxy S II Hands-on [Video]

The gang at SlashGear got a hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S II recently. As you recall, Samsung set record sales revenues in 2010, driven by Android devices like the original Galaxy S. So, with part II, it's safe to say that Samsung isn't resting on their laurels with this attractive sequel. Here's what stands out ...

Samsung Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab 2 [Full Details]

We're just about ready to ship off to Barcelona and the leaks continue to leak. A couple devices we've been waiting for information on are from Samsung: the Samsung Galaxy S 2 (or Samsung Galaxy S II,) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. We've got details now on both - the Galaxy S information coming from Korean news source Paran, the info on the Galaxy Tab 2 coming from SlashGear. Have a look and open up your pocketbooks because you're about to stock up.

Walmart to offer the Samsung Galaxy S 4G for under $150

Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced it would be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone and now, we have a leak which states the phone will be available at Walmart for $148.88 ($150 in disquise) with a two year service agreement or upgrade.  Those interested can also purchase the Galaxy S on a 2 year flexpay agreement for $248.88 or outright for $650.00 with no commitment.

Samsung Mobile Announces both Mobile World Congress “next evolution” and a February 1st Tease

Take a look if you wish at the site whose title last year at around this time told us of a lovely future for Samsung, eventually giving us the Samsung Galaxy S. This year it's sending word of the idea that "EVOLUTION is FATE" - whatever that means - and that on February 13th, something is coming. They note that there's going to indeed be a revealing of the "next evolution in Samsung Mobile" and that - wowie - There's going to be a preview teaser on February 1st. Stay tuned!

Samsung Says They’re NOT Charging Carriers for Froyo Android Update

If you'll take a look back at this post: Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees? you'll know what the heck is going on here. In reply to that post, a post in which an unnamed fellow posting anonymously in hopes of not being identified let loose a torrent of possible facts about Samsung, including the idea that they're charging carriers for pushing Android updates, Samsung says no way!

Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees?

So you're following along with the epic story of how Galaxy S devices across the board still don't have their long-awaited update to Android 2.2 Froyo, yes? Well take a peek at this - a supposed Samsung inside has come forth (in XDA forums) to say that the reason for the stopping of updates pushing through from Samsung to carriers is the fact that Samsung is charging for Android updates as feature updates - and that carriers are responding to the costs by refusing to pay for Android 2.2, hoping to devalue the Galaxy S line.

Samsung Aims at 60 Million in 2011, Will Reveal New Galaxy S at WMC

Sixty million what, you may ask? Sixty million smartphones, of course. Seem like a large number to you? It is. This year they sold right around one third of that, Shin Jong-kyun, the head of Samsung’s mobile business division saying the following: "I think we did better than our previous goal of selling 270 million mobile phones in 2010. The 20 million smartphones sold gives us a foundation to build on in the premium segment too." He told this to Korea Times on the sidelines of CES 2011. He went on to note that they'll aim at strengthening their positions in regions such as Southeast Asia, China, and Central and South Ameria.

Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S Announced from Seoul

A press release from Samsung announces officially a collaboration with Geiogio Armani and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announcing officially the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S, a rather fabulous looking phone if I do say so myself. It's what they call an "exclusive edition" smartphone that has a SUPER AMOLED display, looking good they say even in direct sunlight, including such features as integrated messaging, SWYPE typing, and Android Market access. It's sophisticated, distinct, has an Armani-patterened back metal cover, is only 9.9 mm and has the GIORGIO ARMANI name brand right up front for the world to see.

Another Dual-Core Samsung Phone Confirmation (Plus More Anzu)

This time from a trusted source in Russia, @eldarmutazin of Mobile Review, tweeted "Playing with se anzo [Anzu?] and galaxy 2 aka i9100. Se is nice but sams is so technically advanced. Dual core etc." The original Samsung Galaxy S had model number GT-i9000. There's a rumor about the Nexus S being scrapped in hopes of releasing a Dual-Core version, possibly this year. Lots of speculation, lots of rumor, but very possibly lots of news.

Samsung Releases Official Ad Spot for Continuum [VIDEO]

It's a pretty enticing tagline: "Life is a Continuum, Now your Phone is, too." Right there along with the recent trend to REALLY PUSH for the idea that your phone can organize your life and make it sooo much easier to live. This is the first video ad spot for the Samsung Continuum, released late last night in support of this Samsung Galaxy S series phone complete with 3.4" main display over 1.8" screen ticker tape display.
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