Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV reportedly pops up in AnTuTu database

Well, what do we have here? New benchmark results for a pair of Samsung devices have appeared in AnTuTu's database, and quite a few folks are thinking that both are variants of the highly-anticipated Galaxy S IV. After the success of the Galaxy S III, it isn't exactly a secret that Samsung is plotting another flagship release this year, but so far, we haven't heard anything official from the company.

Samsung Galaxy S IV tipped for May release

While we all know Samsung is preparing their next generation smartphone, today the folks from Samsung Lebanon posted to their Facebook Page and revealed some information -- of sorts. During some discussion the release date of the upcoming device was brought up, and was clearly detailed as May of 2013. For those expecting a CES reveal, sorry to let you down. More details are available after the cut.

Samsung Galaxy S IV concept video tips laser keyboard and ultra-thin design

With Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone still selling like hot cakes and topping 30 million in sales, we're already setting our sights on the next generation. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been rumored more than a few times and we know it's coming soon. Today however we have an awesome "concept video" or render showing some ultra-thinness and even a projecting laser keyboard.
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