Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S4 display, processor and camera specs appear confirmed

Samsung has been doing a rather bang up job in terms of teasing the upcoming Galaxy S4 announcement. Or at the very least, keeping the teasers coming at a regular enough interval to not let us forget. Of course, with all the hype, leaks and rumors, it would be near impossible to forget that Samsung had an announcement coming up. Just in case anyone may have forgotten though, Samsung has an event planned for March 14. The official event will kick off at 7PM EST and will be done at the same time as a public event in Times Square.

Samsung Galaxy S4: What you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will finally be unveiled on Thursday and all the rumors and leaks will finally be coming to and end. Invitations have been sent, teaser videos are live, and Samsung's prepped to launch their biggest device of the year on March 14th in NYC - and we'll be there live! Read on below for everything you need to know, as well as what we know so far.

Samsung patent filings detail panorama and 3D camera support

Samsung is going to be unveiling "The Next Galaxy" in the not to distant future and while we have seen plenty of spec related rumors up until this point in time, it seems they are not going to die down before the announcement. Of course, these details are all being mixed in with some official teasers from Samsung. Anyway, the latest Samsung related information is coming by way of a few patent filings.

Galaxy S IV test device images leak

Android fans all around the world are looking forward to the launch of the Galaxy S IV smartphone on Thursday. So far, we've seen some details of the smartphone leak ahead of the Unpacked event where the phone will go official. Some new details from China have leaked showing what appears to be an S IV test device in the wild.

Samsung Galaxy S4 tipped to launch with energy efficient Green PHOLED display

The Galaxy S4 announcement may be coming up soon, however that doesn't mean the leaks and rumors will stop. In fact, it looks some additional Galaxy S4 details have recently leaked. Keep in mind, these details are not official until we get the word from Samsung. But on that note, this latest leak does include a few pieces we hope to see come true. Just to begin with, we are now talking floating touch, a green PHOLED display and more.

Will the Galaxy S4 be squared-off? These cases think so

With the official event and announcement for the Galaxy S4 just a week away, we're starting to see more and more leaks and rumors regarding the flagship handset. This week some reportedly "official" cases for the upcoming Galaxy have been spotted at the annual CeBit trade show, once again showing a squared-off design. Could the new S4 be slightly shorter and wider? These case manufacturers think so.

Samsung Galaxy S4 teasers hit the streets of Times Square

Samsung has already confirmed they'll be announcing and showing off the new Galaxy S4 smartphone next week in New York City, but now they are telling the entire city and teasing us with a few giant billboards. Those on the streets of NYC and walking down Times Square will see a few huge posters and quick reminders as we count the days to March 14th.
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