Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III now available from Verizon

The road has seen a few ups and downs or bumps along the way but it's finally here. The Samsung Galaxy S III rocking Verizon 4G LTE is available now in stores nationwide, and you could be enjoying one right this minute. They are the last main US carrier to offer the device, and today sales kick off full steam starting at $199.

Verizon Galaxy S III stock firmware image released

Verizon's version of the new flagship Galaxy S III smartphone is starting to slowly reach the hands of consumers this past week, with pre-order shipments finally arriving for a lucky few. Today we have some good news in the form of a stock firmware image of Verizon's model. This means all you hackers can go to town and feel safe knowing you can easily get back to stock.

AT&T Galaxy S III available in store today

Last week was supposed to be all about the Galaxy S III but production delays and a huge demand caused all the US carriers to slightly push or delay their push. Today however is the day AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S III is finally available in stores nationwide. If you've been patient through the mess today you can run down and pick one up.

Galaxy S III with quad-core and 4G LTE heads to Korea July 9

It looks like Samsung saved the best for last and for their home country, because an impressive top of the line new Galaxy S III is arriving in Korea. Come July 9th Korea will be getting the best of both worlds in regards to this flagship phone. Head down past the break for all the details on this extremely impressive phone that we'll never get to enjoy.

Verizon Galaxy S III pre-orders set to arrive July 5-6

Good news folks, it looks like the guys at Big Red have finally started shipping out those Galaxy S III pre-orders. Today Verizon officially announced that the flagship Galaxy S III will be in stores and available to purchase starting July 10th, but we can now confirm those that pre-ordered will get the impressive new phone even sooner.