Samsung Galaxy S III

Everything Everywhere 4G LTE network hands-on

Everything Everywhere held its highly-anticipated 4G event in London today, and we were right there to take it all in. Perhaps one of the biggest announcements of the event was that Everything Everywhere has been re-branded as EE before launching 4G LTE service in the UK. As an added bonus, EE will also be offering fiber service, another first for the company - a team up between carriers Orange and T-Mobile UK.

Samsung Galaxy S III hits 20 million units sold

We all knew that the Samsung Galaxy S III is an incredibly popular handset, but today the company gave us an idea of just how popular it is. The Galaxy S III has hit the 20 million sales milestone, which is pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that the smartphone surpassed the 20 million mark only 100 days after launch.

Samsung announces four new colors for the Galaxy S III

The folks at Samsung have finally announced four new color options for their impressive flagship Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. We've been hearing rumors about this for months, and even showed a few leaked renders that were completely off base. Today they've unveiled four colors including a pretty terrible looking Amber Brown option. Check em out below.

Samsung details building the Galaxy S III in new video

We all know Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone is super popular. If you all remember the initial launch there was a lot of talk about it being "designed for humans, inspired by nature." Today we have a new video from the folks at Samsung showing us just all went into the creation and design of their new top-tier smartphone.