Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III becomes T-Mobile’s best-selling device

Here's a bit of news that will surprise absolutely no one: T-Mobile has announced that the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S III has become its best-selling device of all time. Considering the massive marketing campaign Samsung launched for the device, along with the excellent reviews the S III was met with, we're not all that shocked to hear that the flagship has been selling like hotcakes at T-Mobile.

New Samsung Galaxy S III colors landing at Verizon soon

If you're someone who likes to have choices when it comes to the color of your phone, you probably appreciate the fact that Samsung has launched a ton of different color variants for the Galaxy S III. Sadly, that doesn't mean much if you plan to go through Verizon, because so far, the carrier has only received the blue and white versions of the handsets. That's all about to change, however, as Verizon is teasing that two new Galaxy S III colors will soon be available at its stores.

Samsung confirms all time high $7.3bn profit for Q3 2012

Samsung has put up a new personal best $7.3bn profit for Q3 2012. This is the highest quarterly profit in the companies' history, and much of it is likely fueled by the popularity of the Galaxy S III and other Android devices. Of course, being one of the leaders for high-end TVs certainly did not hurt their bottom line either. Samsung actually doubled their profit from Q3 last year. However, they do not expect that to continue through next quarter. Samsung is indicating high levels of competition from the iPhone 5 will play a major factor in their expected profit going forward. There is also the potential billion dollar bill Samsung could face if none of their appeals in the Apple trademark infringement case work. Besides possibly paying a large sum to Apple, Samsung also intends to ramp up marketing, which can prove quite costly in the short term. The $200 billion smartphone market is obviously competitive, and marketing plays a key role in making a device stand out. Because Samsung is expecting to turn $25bn in profit for the entirety of 2012, they will also be faced with much higher performance bonus payouts for its employees. This will cause Samsung's bottom line to take yet another hit. Still, a record setting quarter is most certainly not a bad thing, and Samsung is clearly in a position to remain among the top electronics companies in the world. [via SlashGear]

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini rumors “accurate” according to some Android devs

If you've been keeping up with the latest rumors, you'll know that Samsung may be plotting to reveal the Galaxy S III Mini at an event in Germany next week. It wouldn't surprise us in the least to learn that Samsung has a miniaturized version of the Galaxy S III up its sleeve, but aside from that German event invitation that surfaced a couple days back, there hasn't been much in the way of actual evidence to go on. Today, however, a handful of unnamed Android developers are adding fuel to the fire by claiming that the Galaxy S III Mini rumors are "accurate."

Samsung: Galaxy S III Jelly Bean “coming soon” to the US

We've heard quite a bit of talk from the folks at Samsung regarding the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for their highly popular Galaxy S III smartphone. For those outside of the US the wait wasn't so bad with them stating in late August it was coming soon, then it arrived in September for many in Europe. Today however we're hearing the words "coming soon" only this time in regards to the US models.

Garnet red Galaxy S III lands at Expansys in UK

Good news if you've been having a hard time getting your hands on the garnet red Samsung Galaxy S III and live in the UK: Expansys has just launched the sexy looking handset, and you can pick it up for a pretty decent price. Samsung, of course, has released the Galaxy S III in a number of different colors, but the garnet red variant has only be available through AT&T for the most part. That can make things difficult if you're with another carrier or don't particularly care for AT&T's service.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Display Specs Edge Out iPhone 5

In the constant "my phone is better than yours" battle, Android, and more specifically Samsung, has come out on top in the Galaxy S III versus iPhone 5 struggle. According to the noted research firm IHS, the Galaxy S III beats the iPhone 5 in terms of screen thinness and color gamut. The differences are relatively negligible, but they are there none the less. We don't want to sound negative on the iphone 5 here, as it has made some impressive leaps in screens when compared to the iPhone 4S. In fact, the screen is now just 1.5mm thick, compared to 2.1mm on the 4S. The color gamut is now 72 percent of the NTSC standard, where the 4S was only 50%. These are some impressive improvements, but it still places them behind the Galaxy S III. In the same stats, the Galaxy S III comes in at a tiny 1.1mm thick. The color gamut on the Samsung Galaxy S III is an impressive 100% of the NTSC standard. In spite of Samsung's screen coming in thinner, the iPhone 5 is 1mm thinner overall. IHS deduces that the overall difference in size could be due to a thicker battery on the S III. To put this into perspective, end users should not notice any difference when looking at the screen. We are talking about very tiny measurements that the naked eye should not be able to detect. None the less, knowing where the devices stand on a technical level is always interesting, and it looks like Samsung got the win on this one, even if it is only by a tiny margin. [timeline]

Samsung Galaxy S III lands at MetroPCS in October

A lot of Samsung fans probably already have their Galaxy S III, but just in case you don't yet, you might be pleased that the flagship will be arriving at MetroPCS next month. The phone launched at most major carriers a few months back, but now it appears to be time for the budget carriers to get a piece of the action too. The Galaxy S III is already an incredibly popular smartphone, selling 20 million units since its launch earlier this year, and Samsung can definitely count on a sales boost by bringing the handset to MetroPCS.