Samsung Galaxy S II

US Cellular gets the Samsung Galaxy S II

If you're one of the ~6 million customers of United States semi-regional cellular carrier U.S. Cellular, you're probably used to getting older smartphones (or just not getting them at all) by now. Well good news, thrifty consumer: you can now enjoy one of the best phones from 2011, on the regional/value carrier of your choice. The Samsung Galaxy S II will be available from U.S. Cellular soon, at a rebated price of $229.99. There's no exact release date for the phone, but it should be available within the next few weeks.

Official Galaxy S II ICS upgrade could come March 1st

Yes, yes, we're all wrapped up in speculation on when and in what fashion the Samsung Galaxy S III will arrive. It's all we talk about around the Android Community watercooler. But for the millions of Android enthusiasts who own the current generation, the software update to Ice Cream Sandwich is infinitely more relevant. Beta versions have been leaking out of Samsung for weeks, but now there's some hope that an official Galaxy S II update will be coming soon. Eldar Murtazin, editor of Russian tech site mobile-review, posted on Twitter that the update would begin rolling out on March 1st.

Yet another ICS update leak for the Galaxy S II

Man, somebody at Samsung is just giving it away to modders and custom ROM enthusiasts. For the third time since the open-source code for Ice Cream Sandwich was released back in November, an official beta version of the Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update has found its way into the hands of some eager fans, this time over at SamMobile. The cheeky guys there say that the newest build, dated January 29th, is ready for regular daily use after a collection of improvements. The build number for the latest leak is I9100XXLPB.

Samsung ‘Galaxy S II Plus’ could premier before Galaxy S III

Do you remember long ago when Apple went ahead and held out from releasing an iPhone 5 - and just went along with the 4S instead? We could see a similar strategy from Samsung concerning the future of their 'Galaxy' flagship device. It has recently come to our attention that Samsung won't be showing off the GSIII at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain - thus makes perfect sense there may be a middle man underway.

Samsung Galaxy S III launch delayed according to new rumors

Uh! The hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III quad-core superphone will not be announced or unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress 2012 according to latest rumors from The Verge. After initial reports lately including a few yesterday stating it would be announced in Spain for MWC 2012, we are now hearing that it has been delayed.

Samsung pokes Apple again in new Galaxy S II ad

How to describe Samsung's latest advertising campaign against Apple... obnoxious? Cheeky? Brutally honest, perhaps? Whatever you call it, the series of commercials is downright entertaining for Android fans of all creed and color, especially those who've experienced their iPhone-totting friends trying to hide pangs of regret as they lament their tiny, locked-down iDevice. Samsung's latest ad, which it's calling "Samsunged", pokes fun at the iPhone's lack of built-in turn by turn navigation.

10% of South Koreans own a Samsung Galaxy S II

In case you hadn't noticed, Samsung is big. Really big. And nowhere is that more evident than on its home turf in South Korea, where the company is a source of national pride. Not without reason, either: Samsung says that its 2011 workhorse smartphone the Galaxy S II has sold five million units in the country of 48.9 million people. In case your math's a little fuzzy, that means that just over ten percent of all men, women and children in South Korea carry a Galaxy S II.

Apple up to its old tricks: calls for a ban on 10 Samsung phones in Germany

Stop me if you've heard this one before. After battling nearly every major Android OEM for the better part of 2011, Apple seems to be wasting no time in bringing its litigious streak into 2012. Bloomberg reports that it's petitioning German courts for an outright sales ban on 10 Samsung smartphones, including the popular Galaxy S II. Apple's objections have to do with its design patents, which won it an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year.
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