Samsung Galaxy S II

Official Samsung Galaxy S II ICS update begins in Europe and South Korea

Looks like those previous rumors of an official Ice Cream Sandwich update were right in general, if not altogether precise. Reports from both European and South Korean owners of the ubiquitous Samsung Galaxy S II indicate that stock versions of the smartphone are receiving over-the-air updates to Ice Cream Sandwich right now. This fulfills Samsung's promise to upgrade the flagship phone to the latest version of Android in the first quarter of 2012, if only just. If you live in either territory and haven't seen an update yet, you can initiate a manual update in the Settings menu.

Galaxy S II ICS update leaked for March 13th on SK Telecom

Tired of the back-and-forth from Samsung on the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for its flagship Galaxy S II? Then how about some back-and-forth from  a Korean wireless carrier? SK Telecom, one of the largest wireless providers' in Samsung's home country of South Korea, tweeted out that updates for its Galaxy S II owners would begin tomorrow, March 13th (which is just a few hours away, with the time difference). Unfortunately, the tweet was deleted almost immediately. It said that the update would begin at 10 AM local time.

Android Community Weekly: March 10, 2012

We've had another week of excellent tech news, now here's your wrap-up! There were a few rumors circulating this week that ASUS would be the manufacturer of the first Nexus tablet. We had even thought it could be called the "Google Play", but it turned out that Google Play was the rebranded name of the Android Market. After the Google Play Store was rolled out to devices everywhere, it was breaking the Market for many Motorola devices. Fortunately, they've already pushed an update to v3.4.7 and it managed to fix the problem. And if you all have recently wondered where your Android Market went, it was replaced entirely, so you'll need to find it in your app drawer under Google Play Store.

Android Community Evening Wrap-Up: March 9, 2012

Wrapping up the last day of the work week, here are today's top stories. The world had thought the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II would receive Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tomorrow, March 10th. It turns out that their statement was faulty, and that they will let customers know when they plan on rolling out the update. So as of now, owners of the original GSII are going to have to wait.

Psych: Samsung says Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update was an error

So, international readers, how excited are you for the Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade that Samsung Korea posted yesterday? Get used to disappointment: Samsung has updated their statement, saying that the March 10th date was in error and offering no news on when the real update might come. The company said that when the update software is finalized, they'll let customers know their plans for sending out the Android 4.0 upgrade over the air. You'll have to find something else to do with your Saturday.

Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update tipped for March 15th

The Ides of March bring many things: the overthrow of brutal dictators, the return of spring to more northern climates, and quickly-forgotten George Clooney movies. But according to a recent leak out of Samsung Israel, it could also bring the much-anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Samsung Galaxy S II. The localized Samsung office posted on its Facebook page that updates for in-country phones would begin on March 15th. The post was quickly removed - either due to the fact that the international arm doesn't want the rest of us to know, or there's been some kind of delay already.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II wins GSMA Phone of the Year at MWC

Even the staunchest of Android detractors would be hard-pressed to call the Galaxy S II anything less than a great phone - certainly not us, since Android Community named it the best Android device of 2011. 20 million people can't be wrong, and the GSMA (the organization that puts on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona every year) would seem to agree. They've named the Galaxy S II as the Phone of the Year in their annual competition, with Samsung itself taking Manufacturer of the Year.

Samsung ships 20 million Galaxy S II units in 9 months

Here at Android Community, we're big fans of Samsung's Galaxy S II - we liked it enough to name it our favorite Android device of 2011, over such worthy contenders as the Galaxy Nexus and the Transformer Prime. Apparently we aren't alone: Samsung announced that they've shipped a whopping 20 million Galaxy S II phones since the international launch in May, matching the sales of the original Galaxy S so far for a combined total of 40 million. With around 300 million Android devices in the wild, that makes the Galaxy S family easily the most popular section of Android devices on the planet.
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