Samsung GALAXY S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Crystal Edition unveiled

Samsung is no stranger to rolling out different versions and even limited edition models. And to that point, they have recently unveiled the latest Galaxy S 4 variant. The model is the Galaxy S 4 Crystal Edition and it will be a limited run of 3,500 units. Those crystals are real and taking the limited edition a bit further, the availability will be limited to one market.

Motiif “M” trench coat connects and charges your smartphone in style

When we said that wearables are probably the next wave of smart devices, we didn't exactly imagine some people would take it quite literally. The folks over at Motiif definitely think so and its new "M" smart trench coat is its answer to two of the most common problems that plague mobile devices today: power and connectivity. And it does so with a certain flair for fashion.
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