Samsung GALAXY S 4

GALAXY S 4 eye-tracking technology challenges you to a stare down

Once again Samsung is back showing off their impressive new flagship smartphone with some clever advertising, while also showing they have plenty of money to burn. Could you stare at the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for 60 minutes straight, non-stop, without looking away with tons of distractions and motorcycle crashes next to you? If so they'll give you one free. The video is quite fun so take a peek below.

GALAXY S 4 Mini confirmed on Samsung website

Samsung seems to have confirmed the GALAXY S 4 Mini. The handset has been revealed on the official Samsung website earlier this morning. Samsung quickly pulled the details back, but there were some screen captures grabbed before that happened. Basically, it looks like Samsung may have spoiled part of the surprise from the upcoming Premiere 2013 event they have scheduled for June 20.

AT&T launching the Aurora Red GALAXY S 4 in mid-June

Samsung confirmed four additional GALAXY S 4 colors earlier this morning and it looks like one of those new colors will soon be launching with AT&T. The carrier will be launching the GALAXY S 4 in Aurora Red and pre-orders are set to begin this week. According to details coming from AT&T, pre-orders for the Aurora Red GALAXY S 4 will begin on Friday May 24th.

Verizon GALAXY S 4 bootloader unlocked before release

For those who have been following the ongoing news regarding Samsung's GALAXY S 4 and the bootloader, we have good news. After AT&T's model was found to be locked down tight a few developers quickly addressed the problem and hacked the bootloader on the GALAXY S 4. Now just days before Verizon's flavor hits the streets the same dev has already got custom recoveries up and running on the handset. Rejoice Android modders.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 ‘Google Edition’ will be a U.S. exclusive

When Google took the stage last week at their annual Google I/O developer event, many were extremely excited to see they'll be offering a stock Nexus-like Samsung GALAXY S 4 in the Play Store. We're sure many of you Android faithful around the world were quite excited to hear the news as well, but sadly it looks like the device might end up being a U.S. exclusive. At least for the first few months.