Samsung GALAXY S 4

Samsung stress test video may relieve Galaxy S 4 owners stress

It's a common thing for your phone to just slip out of your hands, get knocked out, fall backwards out of your pocket, fall of your desk, etc etc. It happens to everyone, and no one can escape the fact that some phones just are not made for that sort of thing. Enter Samsung, with this video showing just how much physical abuse they put onto their products before letting them out into consumer hands, and you may just feel some mental relief.

Samsung responds to GALAXY S 4 analyst reports

Samsung CEO JK Shin has spoke out in regards to a recent JPMorgan report. Said report, for those who may have missed that, suggested the GALAXY S 4 was falling short of sales expectations. In addition to the comments from the report, JPMorgan also cut the share price estimates by 9.5 percent and lowered the 2013 earnings estimates by 9 percent. Following the JPMorgan report, a similar report was posted by Morgan Stanley.

AT&T GALAXY S 4 Active release date and pricing confirmed

AT&T did a bit of teasing yesterday afternoon and as we had been expected, the carrier has come forward with an announcement for the GALAXY S 4 Active. And in a bit of good news, this announcement included a release date and a price as well as a pre-order availability date. In short, those interested will be able to move forward with a pre-order beginning on June 14th.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 Zoom promo highlights the 10x optical zoom and more

Samsung announced the GALAXY S 4 Zoom earlier in the week and it seems they aren't going to waste any time in showing what the camera is capable of doing. Enter the 'Official Lifestyle Demo Video' teaser that Samsung has recently shared. This video is a little under three minutes in length and has the handset dubbed as the "only smartphone with 10x optical zoom." Or perhaps more important for those curious -- Samsung shows many of the camera specific features.

T-Mobile GALAXY S 4 gets a summertime price drop

T-Mobile has recently announced some price drops. The devices are all from Samsung and include the GALAXY S 4 as well as the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. Basically, it looks like T-Mobile has dropped the price of entry by lowering the downpayment. The one catch, these sale prices will only be available for a limited amount of time. Specifically, they will be available from June 12th through July 13th.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 to be made entirely out of metal

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is currently in development stages, but what isn't known is what it will look like or feel like in the palm of your hand. With over 10 million S 4's sold already, it's exciting to think about how different (or similar) the S 5 will be, and whether or not it will be an evolution or a brand new product altogether.

AT&T GALAXY S 4 Active appears ready for June 13 announcement

Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S 4 Active earlier in the month and at the time it was said the handset would be coming to the US market sometime this summer. There wasn't anything specific in terms of which carrier, however since then we have seen a rendered image leak which showed the Active with AT&T branding. AT&T has yet to offer an announcement, however it looks like that will be coming tomorrow.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom leaks ahead of June 20th event

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 Zoom smartphone is real, and coming soon. Yesterday we saw our first real proof the device was coming thanks to a leaked press image, but today we're getting the real thing. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 Zoom and that odd design has leaked in the flesh (or in the plastic) and it's safe to say this will likely be announced at Samsung's event in London later this month