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Samsung Galaxy S II Official Extensive Live Demo [VIDEO]

The almighty Samsung Galaxy S II has already hit Korea and the UK, but has yet to reveal a date for its U.S. release. Either way, with a recent announcement of a NFC-enabled version heading to the UK in June, the device is certainly ready to set foot on our shores any day now. And what better way to whet our appetites than with an extensive 12-minute long demo to show off its power, speed, and cool new UI features.

Samsung Galaxy S II accessories show up on Clove

Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S II (aka the Samsung Galaxy S 2) have popped up on the British cellphone site Clove. Looking at what's going to be available there's a wide range of both mobile and desktop options. The list includes a USB Gender Adapter, MHL Adapter, Sound Station and vehicle dock. There's also a home desktop dock and extended power battery pack. Or users can just get another 1650 mAh battery and Spare Battery charger for work.

Samsung Galaxy S II gets first commercial

A cute commercial advertising the realistic display of the Samsung Galaxy S II has appeared on youtube. The video shows a cute little girl trying to reach for a fish swimming in the Galaxy S II's live video background so she can put it back into the fishbowl. After a few tries, she gives up and does what most kids would do, she puts the Galaxy S II into the fishbowl! The tag line reads ... "Too Realistic?"

Samsung Galaxy S II gets an HD video Hands-On and more

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been official for a while, we all have probably seen its beauty by now. It is Samsung's next flagship device that is set to sell as many as the first Galaxy S did or more. Today we have a little leak of a prototype Galaxy S II. It comes in the form of a 720p HD video and full walk-through from some friends over in the Ukraine.

Samsung Galaxy S II hits the FCC

Looks like Samsung has just sent over the Galaxy S II to the FCC. If you haven't seen much about this phone you should most definitely look over a few of our hands on. It is a beautiful phone that is sure to make a huge splash in the Android phone market. Looks like today it hit the FCC with some AT&T 3G bands.

Samsung Galaxy S2 for preorder at GetGoods

Another site is listing the Samsung Galaxy S2 for preorder. lists the dual core Android 4G phone as being available "from KW22" at €599 plus VAT. But what's interesting is that it also lists the Galaxy S as running Android "3.2," which obviously must be a typo since later in the listing it has the proper version as Android 2.3 (Ginger Bread). Another noteworthy entry is that while Clove lists the Galaxy S2 available in March, GetGoods states that the Galaxy S2 won't hit Austria until May/June, signaling a phased European roll-out for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S2 available on preorder from Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is now listed for pre-order at Amazon in Germany. The 4G handset, on sale for €599.00 plus VAT and free shipping, has no delivery time listed on Amazon. We recently reported, however, that the Galaxy S2 is scheduled to ship in March at Clove in the UK. One glaring difference, however, is that the Amazon lists the Galaxy S2 as having 16GB on board memory expandable to 32GB, while the Clove listing just says 32GB in memory, and for €9 less to boot! I'm thinking that's either a mistake or the pot has been sweetened.

Samsung Galaxy S II Early Price and Release

We're here to bear witness to an early price and release date for the long-awaited second generation of what's proved to be the world's most popular iteration of Android. This is the Samsung Galaxy S II (or Samsung Galaxy S 2, whichever you like,) and it's appearing over at Play for £599.99, which is, they say, £50.00 cheaper than the suggested retail price of £649.99. Of course we, aside from our UK superhero Chris Davies, live in the USA, thusly the current converted cash to USD for this release of the Samsung Galaxy S II is right around $966.

Samsung Galaxy S II Will Have MHL (Less Ports for More Beauty)

It's stuff like this, Samsung... This is probably the most brilliant innovation in the past few years - the combining of cords. One example is here in the Samsung Galaxy S II (or Samsung Galaxy S 2, however you want to write it,) where an MHL port has been introduced. This port functions as both a microUSB and an HDMI port in one. It's the size of a microUSB port, so if you're just going to use that, you're set. If you want to use HDMI for high-def playing of content from your device, you'll just need a microSD to HDMI cord to plug.
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